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Remnant Ad Purchases through Display Network Advertising

We’re huge fans of search engine marketing – hopefully you’ve picked that up already.  But in case this page is your first introduction to our site or if we’re really awful communicators, we wanted to put that in the first sentence.  We do recognize, however, that there are many other forms of advertising that may be right for your business in addition to or in place of search marketing, including word-of-mouth, email, tv, radio, print, etc.


One of those other forms is banner advertising.  The problem with banner advertising often is that you must commit to some amount of time and money that may be outside your comfort zone for an untested site.  With various advertising platforms such as Google AdWords Display Network, though, you can buy space on these sites without any commitment and just paying per click.  This even allows you to locate sites that are worth full banner ad buys for premium positions.


Many moons ago, Google’s Display Network (previously called the “Content Network”) wasn’t good for much other than gobbling up impressions and budgets.  Give them credit, though, they’ve made enough improvements to the system that you can now run quality campaigns no matter what your goal, including branding, sales, and lead generation.


One of the best parts about display network advertising is that your ads can get huge exposure with very few costs since you’re only paying for clicks and a ‘good’ click through rate might only be 0.10%.   Plus, the network offers expanded reach you simply can’t get from search and a variety of ad formats, including image, video, audio, and text.


Expand Your Reach for Just Pennies on the Dollar


To learn more about how you can use display networks to buy remnant ads on great sites, call 800.979.3177 or click here.  We’ll be happy to explain the process and explain how you can use this powerful form of advertising within your new or existing paid search accounts.

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