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International SEO And Global SEM Services

Direct Online Marketing™ is a United States-based Google Partner offering search engine marketing, SEO services, retargeting, social media advertising and analytics services to clients around the globe.  The majority of our clients are based in the U.S., many of whom we help export their goods and services overseas.

Learn How We Helped WVDO Create 4400 Global SEM Visits

We don’t just work with U.S. companies.  We’ve helped clients throughout the world – in countries like Australia, China, South Africa, Russia, and the United Kingdom.  We’re accustomed to working late or early hours, using Web conferencing, and talking on Skype, so there’s no need to worry about being in different time zones.

Trusted Global Search Engine Marketing Solutions

When the U.S. Commercial Service holds events for U.S. businesses on how to begin or expand their exporting through marketing, they often turn to us.  In addition to training their reps throughout the Americas (North, Central, and South America), we’ve spoken to audiences throughout the United States.  In 2013 they took us abroad for the first time to Costa Rica.


The provincial government of Córdoba, Argentina, along with the JoinClusters technology group, flew our president down to speak at their signature event in 2013 as well. Skip ahead to the 2:30:30 mark to hear the complete presentation.


We’ve also visited with businesses and spoken to groups in countries throughout the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

Meet Some Of The Other Top Search Engines By Country

If you’re visiting this page because you’re a United States company trying to reach searchers overseas, we can help.


To date our US-based clients have sold into approximately 100 countries overseas. For search engine marketing, often Google is the primary focus whether using pay per click (PPC) advertising or search engine optimization (SEO).  That includes not only but all of its country-specific versions, such as,, etc.


Google currently has top market share in all but five countries.  These countries are as follows with the leading search engine in parentheses:


  • China (Baidu)
  • Japan (Yahoo! Japan)
  • Korea (Naver)
  • Russia (Yandex)
  • Taiwan (Yahoo! / Bing Ads)

In some of these countries, you can get some search engine exposure through Google AdWords advertising or optimization as Google still has decent market share.  On the other end of the spectrum, you can also still get strong exposure in some other countries without Google – such as with Seznam and their ad program, Sklik, in the Czech Republic.


Whatever country you want to target, we can get your products and services exposure there.

International Firms: Interested In Global Search Marketing?

If you’re a non-U.S. firm looking for expert help in reaching U.S. consumers or any other market, we can help as well.  Often times our international clients come to us specifically to help them reach American consumers and businesses.  They appreciate our expertise with search engines and knowing our own domestic market.


Other foreign firms come to us to handle all their search engine campaigns regardless of target country.  We’re pleased to speak with you to better understand your specific needs and advise you on your best strategies and tactics.


Request a Free Consultation

For a free consultation, click here or call 800.979.3177 (US & Canada) or +1.304.214.4850 (other countries).

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