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Get Measurable Results That Boost Your Profits And Beat The Competition Quickly With PPC Advertising

Are you looking for a predictable way to get new leads for your business? Or have you heard a lot about this “online marketing” stuff, and do you just want to try it out?


Then PPC advertising might be the answer.


We can use PPC advertising to show your ads to your prospects when they’re searching for certain keywords on the internet.


You’ll get a consistent and reliable source of prospects and leads that are actively looking to buy your products and services. This means more traffic to your website, more leads, more conversions, more sales, and more profit.




You Need New Marketing Methods To Stay Competitive


In the last decade, it’s been getting harder and harder to get new leads using traditional marketing methods.


Old marketing methods that used to be reliable have become less effective or stopped working altogether.


And new online methods have come and taken their place.


Today, many businesses have adopted to the internet to get repeatable streams of new leads coming in. These business make a killing online using these new marketing methods.


To keep leads and sales coming in, you’ll need to adapt to this changing landscape as well.


You need to be where your prospects are!


And they are spending a lot of time on the internet.


One of the main things people do online is search for nearly anything in search engines like Google.


Sometimes, they search for what YOU have to offer. They’re looking for the types of goods and services you’re selling.


When they do, they click on the first websites they find. If they like what they see, they buy from them straight away.


If they don’t find your website… they’ll find your competitor’s website. And they’ll buy from them instead of you.


That’s why you need to make sure that YOUR website shows up when they’re looking for your products and services!


Luckily, there’s a simple way to do that.

Make Sure Your Website Shows Up When Your Prospects Are Looking For You


With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, you pay search engines to show your ads when your prospects are searching for certain keywords.


It’s an incredibly powerful marketing method


PPC advertising lets you get in front of your prospects. And not just any prospects, but the RIGHT prospects – the people that are most likely to buy your products or services.


It helps people get to know your business and what you have to offer, and makes them think of you when they’re ready to buy.


With PPC advertising, you’ll KNOW that your business shows up for people who are actively looking for what you’re selling.


Plus, you can get results fast.


You can turn it on or off in a matter of minutes – sending traffic to your website immediately, whenever you want.


You’ll get an ongoing stream of orders and leads coming in through your website from all over the world. New customers will call you, telling you that they saw your ads online.

Get Measurably Results That Will Help You Beat The Competition At A Fraction Of The Cost


Not only will you get better results than before. You’ll also get the numbers to back it up and show it to the key people in your organization.


PPC advertising is measurable.


You’ll get tangible, quantifiable reports and data insights that show what the results are, and where the business is headed.


You can take those back to your boss, coworkers and employees showing exactly what’s working and what’s not – even if they don’t understand the technology.


You’ll be able to show exactly what the value is of online marketing to your business, and how it improves your bottom line.


With PPC advertising, you can have your business show up where you want, and make sure that your ads show up wherever your competitors do (and even show up in places where they don’t).


You’ll be able to beat the competition and gain more marketshare, while preventing your competitors from stealing your customers and market share.


PPC lets you compete with the big boys – nationwide and internationally, at a FRACTION of the cost.


Beat your competitors and show up where they are, every time a prospect looks for your products or services.


By implementing PPC marketing, your business will be on top of the best proven marketing techniques many of your competitors are still struggling to adopt.


You’ll adapt to the internet like never before.


You’ll no longer feel guilty about not doing all this “online marketing” everybody talks about.


With these methods, you won’t be trailing behind on what’s happening in the marketplace. You’ll be ahead of the curve, on top of the latest technology.


PPC is fast, powerful and versatile.


It’s an essential marketing channel that will help you reach your customers, boost your sales, and beat your competition quickly.


So – how does this work?

Pay Search Engines To Show Your Ads to Your Ideal Prospects (And Get More Leads)


Search engines make their money by showing ads.


You can pay them to show your ad to your prospects when they search for certain specific keywords.


This is called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.


But it goes by many names. People call it paid search, CPC, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), AdWords, or any of the many other names it has.


It all comes down to the same thing:


You pay search engines to get traffic to your website.


The way PPC advertising works is simple.


You pay a search engine to make sure your business shows up when people search for keywords that are important to your business.


The most well-known ones are Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but you can do this with nearly every search engine worldwide.


You create an ad you want people to see. Then you select when and how you want people to see these ads.


People search for different keywords on search engines all the time. And you can select for which of these keywords you want your ads to show up.


You’ll be able set up a TON of specific customizations to make sure your ads reach exactly the type of people you want to reach. You can choose that your ads only show up on a specific time of day, for people in a specific region, people who are using a specific device, and a lot more.


The search engine then automatically shows your ads at prominent places for the relevant keywords. All the people who search for terms that meet your criteria will see your ad – completely for free.


When people are interested, they’ll click on your ad, and are taken to your website.


You might not click on those ads yourself, (and find it hard to believe your prospects would).


But… they do.


We have numerous measurable results showing that customers of all industries click on PPC ads when searching online.


Your prospects do, too.


Each time someone clicks on one of your ads, you’ll pay the search engine a small amount of money.


The cost per click depends on what keywords you select, how many other people are placing ads for those keywords, the quality of your ad and website, and the other settings of your ad.


You can determine how much money you’re willing to spend on ads each day. When you’ve reached your daily budget, your ads will stop showing up.


By carefully selecting which ads you want to show for which keywords, you can get your ideal prospects to visit your website, and generate more leads and sales.

Many Businesses Use PPC Advertising To Get Amazing Results…


When PPC advertising first arrived on the scene in 1998, hardly anyone used it.


In the beginning, it didn’t matter whether you used it the right way or not.


Costs were so low, and so few people were using it that nearly everyone who used this new marketing channel had great results – no matter how bad their campaigns were.


As advertisers noticed how powerful and effective PPC is in getting them measurable, repeatable results, it EXPLODED in popularity.


Because of the low cost and quick, reliable impact of PPC, it spread like wildfire. It has gotten steadily more and more important ever since.


Now, it’s a $30 billion dollar industry many businesses depend on for their survival.


Nowadays, nearly everyone is doing it.


The PPC industry has matured, and businesses have wised up on how to use it effectively.


It has gotten more complex. There’s more competition. More businesses are doing it. And they’re better at doing it than before.


The costs have increased, too.


It’s still just as effective as it has been in the past. Businesses still use it to get dramatic results quickly, but it has become harder to do so.


To boost your profits with PPC, you’ll have to do it better now. It takes more time, expertise and dedication to manage your PPC-campaigns cost-effectively, and actually make a profit on it.


In the future, PPC will only become more complex.


But as traditional marketing methods lose their effectivity, it will become more and more important for businesses to get quality leads and sales through online marketing.


The bottom line:


If your business depends on getting quality leads and sales, you’ll NEED to use PPC advertising eventually.


It’s only a matter of time.


If your competitors aren’t using it yet, they will start using it soon.


They’ll get ahead of you.


They will get prospects to visit their site when they’re looking for YOUR services and get them to buy from them instead of you.


Beat them before they beat you.


Start using PPC in your business, and witness the MASSIVE impact it can have on your business.


But make sure you don’t do it wrong…

Most People Make Simple Mistakes That Cost Them Time, Energy And A Lot Of Money


Although many people know the basics of how PPC works, most of them don’t know how to execute on it properly.


The basic process is simple. But getting it right is hard.


Creating and managing your PPC ads can be tricky and time-consuming.


It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t.


There are so many different options and customizations out there on how to run PPC ads, that it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed.


If you’re not an expert at this, it’s easy to make mistakes that cost you a lot of money.


Making one small mistake in setting up your campaigns can lead to disastrous results, wiping out your entire ad budget – without getting results.


The way some people set up their campaigns is shocking.


Often, they choose bad keywords that are EXPENSIVE (but not what their prospects are looking for). Meanwhile, every time someone clicks on their ads, they’re burning through their marketing budget.


Marketers might target the wrong area – having their ads show up to prospects in an area they don’t serve.


Sometimes companies create ads that they THINK are good, but actually don’t convert at all – without testing or improving how well the ads actually work.


Even worse are companies who create their ads once but forget to set and monitor a budget for them. They lose track of what’s happening and get charged every time someone clicks their ads – without getting results.


Meanwhile, checks keep coming in every month, and your bank account gets drained.


It’s like they’re throwing money out of the window!


The list of mistakes goes on and on.


Maybe you’ve tried it in the past. Maybe you’ve tried to set up campaigns yourself, without any success.


Or maybe you’ve hired someone to do it for you. Someone who promised you the world, but didn’t deliver any results (costing you a lot of money in the process).


If so – that’s not your fault.


PPC advertising can be hard.


There are so many settings and customizations to take into account, it’s easy to get confused and make mistakes.


The truth is:


This is NOT what you’re good at. You’re an expert at running your OWN business.


That’s where you should spend all your time and energy on!


That will get you the highest returns on your time and energy.


So, focus on what you do best.


And hire experts to take care of the rest.


Focus on running your own business, and let us take care of your PPC campaigns.

We’ll Help You Set Up, Manage And Improve Your PPC Advertising To Increase Your Profits


Whether you’re looking for someone to manage your PPC campaigns on an ongoing basis, or are just looking for a one off campaign or a makeover of your current PPC campaigns, we can help.


We live, breathe, and eat PPC.


We can create, monitor and improve your PPC campaigns. We know what we do, and we know the most effective ways to get you the results you want.


With our help, you’ll stop wasting your money and time, and stop using yesterdays methods that don’t work anymore today.


We’ll help your website show up in Google.


We’ll get you traffic to your website and will follow our proven process to maximize your chances of getting new leads and improving your sales and profit.


We’ll customize our step-by-step process to your unique situation:


    1.    We’ll discover your business goals and analyze your current situation.
    2.    We’ll select when, where and for which keywords you want your ads to show up.
    3.    We’ll set up your advertising accounts according to our best practices.
    4.    We’ll create ads that interest your prospects.
    5.    We’ll set up a budget to keep your costs down.
    6.    We’ll manage, test, and improve your campaigns to get more sales.
    7.    We’ll give you weekly reports of the status and progress of your campaigns.


Want to know more about how this works?


Learn how our step-by-step process works in detail.


We’ll figure out what your business goals are, and help you achieve them. We can’t guarantee you any specific results, but we’ll utilize everything we know to get you results fast.


You’ll see results straight away – within the first week of working with us. Over time, as we test, tweak and improve your campaigns, your results will improve as well.


This means you’ll get more traffic to your website, phone calls to your office, and customers visiting your store as soon as you start working with us.

Clear And Transparent Pricing


When you let us handle your PPC campaigns, there are two costs: the amount you spend on advertising, and our fee.


This keeps everything nice and transparent, so you’ll know exactly where your money goes.


The money you spend on ads is paid to the search engines and goes directly to them. The cost depends on your marketplace: how competitive is it, and how many other people are doing it. You can scale this up or down as much as you want to reach a budget you’re comfortable with.


We’ll help you determine a budget that’s right for you – so you’ll get the results you want.


Everything is completely transparent. You’ll know EXACTLY how much money you’ll spend on ads. We do not receive any kickbacks – no matter how much money you spend on the search engines.


The fee you’ll pay us is for creating and running your ad accounts. It’s a flat monthly fee, which depends on what service you want (and need). We’ll have a conversation to figure out what you need to achieve your goals and how much work that would involve, and will come up with a price that’s right for you.


Most of our clients make their investment back many times on the increase in sales and revenue as a result of using our service (and on saving the money they might waste or lose if they try to run their ad campaigns themselves).


Plus, since we have such a good relationship with the search engines, we’re able to get you a discount on the first campaigns you run with them (which can save you quite a lot of money).


The best part:


You won’t be attached to ANYTHING. You can stop working with us whenever you want.


Interested in how much this would cost for you specifically? Or are you running a non-profit, and would like significant discount?


Get in touch with us for a free consultation call to learn how PPC can help your business specifically and get a quote.


No strings attached.

We Know What We’re Doing


When you work with us, you’ll get quality PPC advertising that gets you results and abides by Googles standards – so you won’t get into trouble. You know you’ll have a partner that knows what they’re doing.


We live, eat, and breathe PPC advertising. We are experts at this – and know how you can use it to get the results you want.


We’ve been helping businesses get leads and close sales through PPC advertising since 2001.


We’ve successfully run campaigns for our clients ranging budgets anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars across dozens of industries.


We have helped over a hundred clients successfully use PPC to get new leads and boosting their profits by MILLIONS of dollars in the process.


Our team has been certified by all the major PPC providers in the field.


We went through extensive testing and exams to show our expertise and become official partners of all the main search engines. Google has also placed us into an exclusive program for their top 200 digital agencies worldwide.


In 2014, our president was even ranked as one of the top 25 most influential PPC experts in the country by Hanapin Marketing – which is widely regarded as an authority in this field.


With us, you’ll have a technology partner by your side that takes care of you.


You can ask us ANY tech related questions you want, and reach out to us whenever you need help. We’ll look out for you and take care of the online side of the business for you. Plus, you’ll get early access to some of Google’s offerings that haven’t been released to the public yet (and get an edge over the competition).


Let us take care of your PPC campaigns, so you can focus on running your business.

Start Using The Best Online Marketing Methods


PPC advertising works. It’s a marketing channel that’s proven to get you results and deliver you people who are looking for what you have to sell.


It’s insanely powerful. It’s measurable. And it gets you results.


It’s a technology that will continue to matter for your business for decades to come.


You can try and run your PPC campaigns yourself.


But it’s complicated.


It’ll cost you a lot of time and energy to get it right.


Plus, you might make mistakes.


There’s a lot of money on the line. Before you know it, you do it wrong, and waste your entire advertising budget on ads or keywords that don’t work.


Stop wasting your time, energy, and money trying to do this yourself.


And spend it on running your own business instead.


Let us do it for you.


By letting us take care of your PPC campaigns, you’ll be adapting to some of the best marketing channels on the internet.


You’ll get a PROVEN lead generation machine that will boost your profits, and will open up the floodgates of prospects and customers finding your business.


We know how to reach them as cost-effectively as possible, boosting your sales and profits on an ongoing basis.


Plus, you’ll have a valuable technology partner that takes care of you, and looks out for your best interests. We’ll be there to give you answers when you need them.


We can help you set up your first ad-campaigns that drive traffic and prospects to your business in as little as a WEEK.


And the longer you work with us, the better the results you’ll get will be.


You’ll see results as soon as we start, and they’ll only get better over time.

Who This Is Right For…


If you:


  • are running a professional business
  • are looking for more leads and sales
  • want to use measurable modern marketing channels to get them

…then this is what you’re looking for.


You’ll get actionable metrics and results you can bring to your boss or team and make decisions on.


The bottom line: this is important!


And it’ll only get more important in the future.


Remember: If your business doesn’t show up in the search results, your ideal customers won’t find you when they’re looking for you! But they’ll find your competitors instead.


You’ll need this eventually anyway.


So you might as well get started on it now.


Start playing with the big boys. Be there where your prospects are looking for you. Make sure you’re there where your competitors are (and where they’re not). Beat the competition.


Stop blowing through your budget, wasting your money, energy and time.


Stay ahead of changes in the marketplace.


If you’re still not sure…


Just try it out for one month.


You’ll get a chance to work with us and see if it works out whether this is right for you or not and can get the results you want.


Plus, you won’t be attached to anything.


If it doesn’t work out, we’ll part ways – no strings attached.



Want to know more? Read exactly what we’ll do for you with our proven, step-by-step PPC process.


Interested in how this would work for you? Are you already running campaigns – but not sure that you’re doing it right? Wondering if you could save money on your current campaigns?


Let’s sit down and talk to figure out what’s right for you.


Get a FREE consultation call to figure out how PPC advertising can help your business get more leads and reach your business goals.


We’ll talk about your current campaigns, figure out what you’re doing wrong, and what you could improve.


Then, we’ll give you a concrete plan custom tailored to your business on how you can use PPC advertising to reach your business goals.


Plus, you can ask us anything you want.


We can sit down with you this week.


It’s completely free, and there are no strings attached.


To claim your free consultation, call us at 800.979.3177 or click the button below:



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