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Found! Google Adwords Audit

Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Google AdWords account? Curious if you’re wasting money on irrelevant clicks? Or, perhaps you’re simply looking for confirmation you’re on the right track and a thumbs up from an independent third party search agency.


You’ve come to the right place.


Get started! Please complete the short form below and we’ll be in touch shortly for your Found! Google AdWords Audit.

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What To Expect from your Found! Google Adwords Audit?

  • Human Audit. Review by a real-life Google AdWords Certified Partner qualified individual. We do not automate our process and do not outsource the audit.

  • AdWords Report Card. Receive an easy to understand report card with letter grades just like back in school. We’ll grade 21 separate aspects of your account plus give high level tips for maximum ROI.

  • Phone Review Q&A. A call with the search marketing associate who reviewed your account. Learn the most important changes you can implement, plus get your questions answered!

  • Complete Confidentiality. We will not share your information with anyone outside our offices and are pleased to sign an NDA.

Our turnaround time is fast (typically two business days), easy, and there is no obligation. Simply call or complete the form below. Someone will be in touch with you shortly. Or call 800-979-3177 for immediate attention.

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