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Glossary Terms

In the history of this domain, there’s never been a more popular page. Our internet marketing terms glossary provides a huge list of internet marketing term definitions, all written in easy to understand terms. If you’re new to the field or just feel like you get lost in all the jargon some times, check it out.


Read our internet marketing terms glossary.


What is SEM?

The phrase search engine marketing (SEM) is misused more than any other term in our industry. We’re not being snobs here – it creates confusion when discussing how to use search engines to drive traffic to websites.


Read a straightforward definition of search engine marketing.





Social Media Advertising Infographic

With social media having infiltrated our everyday lives and more platforms popping up every day, it can be confusing for advertisers to know which ones are most worth their time.  Here we break down the most popular properties.


Check it out now.


6 Ways to Split-Test Your Image Ads

Test. Test. Test. We hear it all the time, but what exactly should we be testing? This infographic provides you with six different ways to split-test your display ads, including retargeting ads. Mix and match the tactics and eventually, you’ll find the sweet spot!


Check it out now.


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      Chrome Demands You Get Your HTTPS Together

        Last night (August 17, 2017 for those of you reading this from the future), an email notification was sent to a large number of users with access to Google Search Console accounts.    In the widely distributed notification, Google alerted Search Console users that the Chrome browser will begin ..

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