It’s all too easy to waste time, money and energy following a social media strategy that isn’t targeting your core users or isn’t of benefit to them when you do. In fact, when we speak at conferences, business owners and marketers #1 concern is simply how to make time for social media on top of all their other responsibilities. Direct Online Marketing™ can tailor a social media solution that will benefit both your business and your customers.

Top Social Media Platforms

Not all social media platforms are right for all organizations’ marketing plans.  Some smaller niche sites might be worthwhile depending on the industry as well, but the following are the largest and most active players that should be considered when thinking about social media marketing:

  • facebook.  The largest player in the game, they currently boasts over one billion active users.  Their progression has been fascinating, going from a site that was essentially a private network to an open platform with more active users than any country in the world not named China or India.
  • follow direct online marketing on linkedinLinkedIn.  LinkedIn is the #1 social media property for professionals with over 200 million users.  It can be a great site for finding work, finding employees, networking, and establishing expertise. Follow Direct Online Marketing™ on LinkedIn.
  • twitter.  Twitter seemingly exploded out of nowhere to become a social media platform with over 200 million users.  It’s a great way to announce news, find out information, and add fresh content to your website. Some retailers have also found success using classic coupon and promotion strategies, such as promoted tweets.
  • Pinterest. One of the newest, and fastest growing social platforms, Pinterest now has 25 million members- most of whom are young, well-educated females with disposable income. While Pinterest may not be the best channel for every business, it can be great for retailers and stores where customers can window-shop.
  • Google+. Launched in 2011, Google+ is not quite the social giant that Facebook is, but with 100 million monthly active users in Dec. 2011, it is still a viable social platform for sharing and engaging with customers.
  • foursquare. Foursquare is a geo-mobile-social site with over 30 million members and 3 billion check-ins worldwide. If you’re in a large metropolitan area and run a restaurant or other retail establishment where you can entice patrons with specials, foursquare may be a great way to add business.

And the above doesn’t even count many of the ways that Google is involved in social media that are worth a look.  While they’ve been noted for some issues for penetrating the SM space, you won’t want to sleep on YouTube (a proven winner in many industries) and hotpot – a local rating service overlay to Google Places that we’re pretty excited about.  This may even tie in eventually to Buzz or other as-of-yet unreleased social media efforts in the work.

Social Media Marketing Resources

There are many ways to use social media marketing to your advantage.  Typically, we focus on long-term approaches to improving search rankings and reputations; building brands; and establishing expertise. However, as this medium evolves, new advertising options such as facebook Ads and LinkedIn DirectAds become refined and can potentially be useful as part of a paid media strategy.

To learn more about social media and the services we offer, please use the following resources in this section and throughout our website:

  • Benefits of Social Media. Learn why many organizations are using social media and how they’re making these campaigns work.
  • Our Social Media Services. Our major services include online reputation management, social media optimization, and WordPress customization.
  • The Found Blog. Our blog features news and insights on the world of social media and search engine marketing and how to get more out of your campaigns.

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