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Partnerships & Subcontracting SEM

In addition to having direct working relationships with clients where we manage their paid search accounts or handle their social media and search engine optimization efforts, Direct Online Marketing™ also partners with or subcontracts SEM services for a wide range of agencies.  These relationships have benefits for both parties and often lead to very strong long-term relationships.

Search Engine Marketing Subcontracting Services

The main types of marketing services we offer in a partnership relationship are paid search marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).  Sometimes we offer short-term solutions such as a Google AdWords account restructure and sometimes the projects are ongoing.  We’ll work with our partners to create a custom solution that fits their client’s needs and budget.

The most common types of services offered include:

  • Ongoing Pay Per Click Management. We’ll start or take over existing accounts with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, or Microsoft adCenter or foreign search engines like Yandex (Russia).  Usually we’ll manage completely in house and provide white label reporting for the partner to pass on to the client.
  • Full Service SEO. Our SEO efforts usually begin with our doing a detailed analysis of the client’s website, analytics, and competitors to develop an organic strategy.  Then we’ll outline a list of jobs, which we can either do ourselves to save you time, or as is often the case, divvy up so that you can keep more of the profit by handling certain tasks for which you have internal capabilities.
  • PPC Account Creation. If the client has never run a paid search campaign before – or if they have an account with just AdWords and want to expand – we’ll set up an account and usually run a month’s or two’s worth of tests before handing off for the partner or client to manage themselves.
  • Local SEO. We offer a range of affordable, high impact, typically quick producing local SEO services that end-clients love and often serve to get them interested in more SEO work.
  • Online Reputation Management.  Particularly with PR firms, we’ll be asked to help minimize the affect of negative articles or competitor attacks through what is sometimes called search engine reputation management.
  • Link Building Campaigns. If a client already has a solid site or an agency has capable SEO copywriters in house, some short term link building campaigns can provide a great, affordable boost to organic rankings.  Link building can include article optimization and submissions as well.
  • Press Release Optimization.  We will optimize one-off press releases or help set quarterly strategies to get search engine benefit out of the press releases you’re already writing.
  • WordPress Optimization. In addition to blogging strategy, we’ll often work on optimizing blogs or sites that have been built in WordPress, which is our content management system of choice.  You may have even noticed this is a WordPress site.

Types of Agencies We Partner With

The types of agencies we develop partnerships with most often are:

  • Full Service Advertising Agencies. Ad agencies are expected to have expertise in all forms of marketing. In the case of PPC, agencies will either outsource all their accounts to us for a bulk discount or have us help with individual clients.  Sometimes this is a long-term fix, sometimes just a bridge as work loads ebb and flow.
  • PR Firms. Public relation firms most often partner with us on press optimization and online reputation management – crisis response projects.  We don’t provide the pr strategy – we just help them utilize their knowledge to get more out of the things they already do for their clients.
  • Web Designers. Whether it’s breaking up designs into WordPress or helping with various forms of internet marketing, we can help.
  • Web Development Companies. We’ve developed great relationships with a few different Web developers in order to help them make their sites more search engine friendly.  SEO is quicker and faster when it can be done during a site development or redevelopment process, rather than afterwords.  Additionally, many clients these days expect developers to also be experts in SEO even though it’s a completely different discipline.
  • Branding Agencies. Find out how we can enhance your brand awareness efforts with search engine marketing.

Named Partners vs. Invisible Subcontractors

We’re equally comfortable working in the shadows or being an official part of your team that works directly with the clients.  We also work on referrals, paying out referral fees or providing discounts to your clients.  Whatever working relationship and payment model works best for you we can do and probably have done before.

Two-Way Street

The best long-term partnerships run both ways.  While this page discusses work we can perform, keep in mind that there’s only a very small section of the advertising spectrum that we offer, as we only want to take on work where we feel we can excel.  We subcontract various types of work out to our partners and freely pass along referrals whenever we think there’s a good fit.

In the Beginning

While you may have dozens of clients that present a good fit, what we’ve found works best is to pick one client on whom to partner together.  That allows everybody to see if we play well in the sandbox together and measure how good the work is.  If that project is met to everyone’s satisfaction, then we can move on to other projects.

There are two common exceptions:

  1. You have a number of smaller paid search accounts.  In this case, the only cost effective way may be to have us manage all at once.
  2. You’ve had sudden staff turnover creating an urgent need for account work.  If you’re in a pickle, you’re in a pickle.

Benefits of Working with Us

There are a number of benefits of outsourcing your search engine marketing work and using Direct Online Marketing™ to do it, including:

  • We’ve subcontracted paid search and SEO for several years.  If you’re new to this type of relationship, we can provide our experiences and make suggestions for how to proceed.
  • Since you’re bringing work to us and therefore saving us money, we discount our work accordingly.  This allows you to pass along the savings to your client or use it to provide more interaction or services to your client.
  • We have all the SEM qualifications you need to feel confident in our work.
  • Need help in developing proposals and explaining the value in these services?  We often provide this work to our partners at no cost.
  • We can white label data in any format you’d like so you can provide your own branded reporting.
  • Free up your time to concentrate on the tasks that make your company money.
  • We explain our work clearly and look for ways to divvy up work that you can perform to keep more of the dollars in house.

See if We’re a Good Fit

If you’re an ad agency or provider of marketing services and would like to learn more about partnering or subcontracting search engine marketing work, give us a call at 800.979.3177 or contact us with your specific questions.

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