5 Pinteresting Tips for Businesses

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Pinterest has become a popular social-media site among businesses to drive sales and connect with potential clients.  The site is engaging, visually attractive, and quite frankly, really addicting. But Pinterest isn’t just about pinning pretty pictures all day. At least that’s not the case for businesses.

As a company you’ll want to figure out a strategy or some sort of plan on how to manage and lay out your account’s boards. Here are 5 Basic Pinteresting Tips for Businesses to help you out!

#1: Organize Your Boards

Before you get started make a list about what you want to pin about. You’ll  want to consider who your target pinners are and what they would be interested in seeing. Got that? Now it’s time to organize.  Think of Pinterest as a digital bulletin board filled with your company’s interests, products, favorite things, and things you want to share. To make it easy for you to manage and for your customers to browse, put similar pins into similar boards.  If you accidentally put a pin in the wrong board, no worries!  You can move out and it into the right board in a snap.  Keeping your account orderly provides easy navigation and a better user experience.

#2: Pin at Least 2-3 Times a Day

You’ll want to pin on a regular basis to keep your account fresh with new content.  Pinning regularly allows for more engagement from pinners because you are providing them with something new that they haven’t seen before.

#3: Pin from Other Sources and Different Topics

It’s important that you keep your pins diverse and pin from other companies and sources.  You don’t want to seem flat and completely focused on yourself. Repin content, search for related topics, or pin from sites you see while surfing the web.  Yes, it’s important to pin things that relate to your business, but remember that Pinterest is a visual place where striking images succeed.  So think about things that make your company special. Is every Friday popcorn day, do you support a local charity? Where is your company located and what makes your town special?  You can make boards on all these topics and still bring relevancy back to your company. Tell your businesses story with pins.


#4: Brand Your Pins

You can brand you pins by using a “#’ or hashtag.  The hashtag is like Twitter’s hashtag because it helps to further categorize your posts, or in this case pins. So for example if you hashtag “#BobsCarpentry” in the description section of your pin.  It will show up whenever anyone searches for “BobsCarpentry”.  All pins tagged with that hashtag will show up in search results.

#5: Incorporate Other Social Media

Twitter and Facebook are great places to promote your Pinterest account.  You can do this by posting links to your whole account or specific boards. Using other Social Media can really help to increase your Pinterest followers and boost awareness that your company is on Pinterest.  It is also possible to link your Pinterest with Facebook and create an app on your company’s Facebook page.  Check out Woobox!

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There are many tips out there on using Pinterest for Business and each tip can have different results depending on your company.  These 5 tips are just to get you started! I am a big fan of Pinterest for both businesses and personal use.  I enjoy setting up accounts and coming up with ways for businesses to best implement Pinterest into their marketing plans. If you are interested in setting up a Pinterest account for your business or would like to discuss a strategy on how you can better use your current account, please contact Direct Online Marketing at 304.214.4850.


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