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Schoolhouse Rocks, Susanna Hoffs, and…Email Correspondence?

Justin Seibert | January 4, 2007 |  ,

Yesterday I talked about the importance of clear communications. Along those same lines, today we’ll discuss the importance of grammar, particularly in any official or… Read More

Go Back, Baby. Momma Needs Drugs

I was reviewing my blog posts recently and saw how often I mention something about my kids. I laughed thinking about how different this digital… Read More

The 2007 Rose Bowl Matchup: Citi vs. ESPN

Justin Seibert | January 2, 2007 |  

First off, I accept your thanks for not posting a New Years Resolutions entry or 2006 Recap to this Direct Online Marketing blog. Just proof… Read More

Someone that can Teach You the Proper Use of Credibility and the Figure-4

Last night I’m having trouble sleeping. Still not quite back to normal after our trip to Germany. Trust me, it’s not from staying up too… Read More

How Internet Marketing can help YOUR Town, City, State, Etc.

Justin Seibert | December 28, 2006 |  ,

“But Justin, how do you know where I live?” you ask. I don’t and I don’t need to. Like you want me popping over for… Read More

Froehliche Weihnachtszeit

Justin Seibert | December 19, 2006 |

First off, I’m sorry for the inconsistent blogging the last week or so. I have a lot of topics I’ve been itching to write about,… Read More

Watch out for Spike!

Justin Seibert | December 13, 2006 |  ,

If you use the Web, you know the dangers out there, like this guy to the right. Technically, when it comes to gremlins, I prefer… Read More

Do Not be Better than Me or I will Sue

Justin Seibert | December 11, 2006 |  

A little while ago I read about some crazy parents in San Francisco. If you don’t feel like clicking the link because it would mean… Read More

Facebook Gets It – Do You?

Justin Seibert | December 10, 2006 |  ,

Sorry for being short on posts last week. Lots and lots of work. There was also a little matter of being stuck in 1 regular… Read More

Liability Insurance Rules!!!!!

Justin Seibert | December 6, 2006 |

One of the great things about running your own company is liability insurance. It’s fun to research, fun to pay, and if you could put… Read More

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