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Full Service Marketing Agency You Can Trust From ‘Concept’ To ‘Client’

Direct Online Marketing and C-leveled were two of the top rated, largest digital and multimedia marketing firms in Pittsburgh on their own. In April 2022, we announced that we have acquired C-leveled in an effort to bridge the gap from ‘concept’ to ‘client’ that causes many businesses to have to hire multiple agencies to bring their campaigns to life.

Together, clients of DOM won’t have to work with another partner for their design and development needs. Similarly, clients of C-leveled won’t have to source other partners for high-growth or complex online marketing campaigns.

‘C’ The DOM Difference

This move is great for both companies. We will be retaining all current C-leveled staffers (including founder Denise DeSimone) and our plans to stay committed to growing in Pittsburgh have not stopped.

"I've been fortunate to have gotten to work with the C-leveled team for 5 years, witnessing their talent first-hand. I have the utmost respect for Denise and what she has accomplished," said Justin Seibert, Founder and President of Direct Online Marketing. "Plus our values align completely, making a natural cultural fit between the two companies."

"What DOM has achieved over the past several years has been very impressive," said Denise DeSimone, President and CEO of C-leveled. "When evaluating what the next phase of C-leveled looks like, transitioning to a company that excels in quality of work, unparalleled customer experience, and authentic corporate culture were essential factors to consider, and DOM has all three."

FAQs About DOM + C-leveled

Why did C-leveled and DOM decide to join forces?

We’ve had a great relationship with C-leveled for the past five years and have gotten to work with them on many shared projects. We already had a deep appreciation for their skills, especially in branding, design, web development, and social media.

Because we have worked in the same building, we we had gotten to know them personally and see shared values. When Denise and Justin started talking about their futures and were able to share their visions, this felt like the proverbial ‘match made in Heaven.’

What were the financial terms of the deal? 

At this time, we are not disclosing any financial information related to this acquisition.

How many people work at DOM in total? 

As mentioned above, we are going to retain all current C-leveled employees. Our current headcount is around 40.

How many of those employees are based in Pittsburgh?

Right now, all but 2 are currently located in the greater Pittsburgh area – living in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Ohio. The vast majority are in Pittsburgh and work out of our office in Bloomfield for their primary location.

Work and Results from DOM + C-leveled

We are confident that our teams are going to create great things together that will help businesses like yours grow confidently online.

Check out a few examples of clients we’ve both helped over the years.







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‘C’ The Full Service DOM Difference

As we mentioned above, this acquisition allows us to offer a full suite of services to fulfill numerous needs. Whether you’re:

  • Rebranding your organization (or just redesigning a website)
  • Launching a new product (or trying to sell more of existing ones)
  • Opening up new digital channels to increase your MQL to SQL volume
  • Starting from scratch

We have the experience, talent, and resources to help you come up with a solution that’s unique to your business.

But those benefits aren’t the only thing we have going for us. Despite our month to month contracts, we have an 85% client retention rate. Our clients stick with us for the long haul because they want to – not because they have to.

C-leveled Services 

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Want more information on the C-leveled acquisition that you can’t find here? Please call 800.979.3177 or drop us a line at info@directom.com.

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