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Reseller Increases Conversion Rate 107%

Reseller Increases Conversion Rate 107%

A machinery component reseller managed their Google Ads account internally for 15+ years. We were brought in to implement a new strategy to help improve cost per conversion and conversion rate.

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Their Challenge

For more than 15 years, a machinery component reseller managed their Google AdWords account internally. As competition increased and the digital marketing landscape evolved, they believed performance and cost-efficiency could be improved through a strategic partnership with a digital marketing agency. Along with better performance and cost-efficiency came another critical business goal – to increase conversion rate.

Direct Online Marketing was selected as the reseller’s digital marketing partner to implement a new PPC strategy that would improve their overall turn on ad spend and drive new traffic to the website. To achieve these goals, DOM aimed to improve metrics in two areas: cost per conversion and conversion rate.

Our Solution

Leveraging the account’s historical performance data, DOM rebuilt all of the AdWords campaigns, optimizing each to reach potential consumers interested in purchasing or repairing a hydraulic component.

Traffic volume is high for this industry, so DOM implemented key tactics including structuring campaign ad groups thematically, extensive keyword bidding, and keyword expansion to drive the most valuable traffic ready to complete a quote request form.

Additional focus was placed on implementing continual ad copy testing to increase overall click-through rate (CTR).

A Culture Of Transparency

“DOM is truly the most transparent advertising team I’ve worked with in this industry, and I am so grateful. I know we made the right decision.”

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The Results

The reseller quickly saw positive results with a 140% increase in the number of leads per $1000 spent.

DOM’s new search campaigns also improved the cost per conversion and conversion rate metrics. These three metrics measured together contributed to a 107% improvement and increase conversion rate.