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Eating Disorder Treatment Center

An organization that provides integrative and holistic-based eating disorder treatments for people of all genders had all the tools to be successful in creating leads and admits online. Multiple false starts led them to DOM to maximize the results from their ads.

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300% Admits Increase
713% Insurance App Increase
1000% Conversions Increase
30+ Best Months Ever's

Their Challenge

According to research from OWID, deaths worldwide from eating disorders increased six years in a row from 2013 to 2019. That same year, a leading eating disorder treatment center came to DOM with a problem: people needed them more than ever, but widespread enrollment deficits across their locations. To further complicate their challenges, they also lacked visibility into how the leads they were generating could be attributed to their treatment center marketing campaigns.

With no visibility into the performance of their campaigns, this group of leading recovery clinics realized it lacked the access, bandwidth, and expertise to fix their digital advertising issues. Instead of trying to repair their problems alone, they sought to partner with an agency that was able to:

  • Target ads across channels to the right audiences
  • Streamline their marketing tech stack
  • Generate admissible leads on multiple platforms
  • Give straight talk on what’s working (and not)

Our Solution

We started by cleaning up the backend of their existing accounts to mitigate issues that were hindering the performance of their treatment center marketing campaigns. We then created a custom-tailored strategy to outline the best course of action and what DOM would deliver throughout the campaign.

Our results were made possible by focusing on three key components in addition to the core digital advertising services all of our clients receive:

Account Building: Once our strategy was in place, our team evaluated how to best optimize the current campaign structure for quick wins. This had the benefit of generating fast results while eliminating the treatment center’s downtime. The initial account build included fresh creation of ads for Search and the Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns that did more than drive prospective patients and, ultimately, admissions. The approach also created content that made them look good.

Landing Page Design: When we began managing their campaigns, the treatment center didn’t have visibility into what was happening with their form completions. They were also sending their paid traffic to a site that wasn’t conversion friendly. Our team used Unbounce to create new designs with strategic content placement and removal of distractions, then integrated their HubSpot to streamline data flow. We also set up A/B testing to see which design and verbiage resonated best with their audience.

Reporting: The treatment center’s tech stack included WordPress for its website, HubSpot for landing pages, and Salesforce as a CRM. Companies often combine these services, but their lack of inherent interoperability can make it difficult to pass information from one part of the funnel to the other. Our team helped them streamline the flow of information among these tools. We enabled their team to get actionable, accurate data on a weekly basis with full transparency for the first time.

Their campaign growth began within two months, continued through the following quarter and through the time of publication of this case study, and shows every indication of growing even more. Once their Google campaigns began producing predictable, scalable results every month, their campaigns expanded to include social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

That point of expansion – through a combined strategy developed by their marketing leaders and our campaign strategists – is where a true data-driven approach to marketing really began to pay off.

Our Results

Because results from their treatment center marketing campaigns were growing each month, this center had the confidence to double their monthly ad spend during their campaign. Even with spend doubling, DOM increased leads and conversions at a massive scale – 1000% conversion improvement, 713% lead improvement, and triple the amount of admits.

By allowing those early paid search and display ads time to generate awareness in the target markets, the top of their sales funnel began to fill back up – along with the middle and bottom. Every month since our team re-built their campaigns has been the best month ever for digital conversions. Our team’s ability to beat the month before, continuously, has produced such a high volume of leads that the pipeline this center now has provided a platform for opening up more locations in addition to increasing its bottom line.

This leading eating disorder treatment center believed their monthly ad spend could be better used. Our team applied our time-tested approach to their campaigns and has been able to exponentially multiply every single important metric.

This eating disorder treatment center isn’t the first and only company in the healthcare space we have helped grow confidently through increasing patients and admissions using digital advertising.

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