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How to be a Data-Driven Decision Maker
By DOM Team| 17 Min Read | September 1, 2020

How to Be a Data-Driven Decision Maker (Updated September 2020)

Imagine for a second you’re manning an oil well. You most likely have little in…

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By DOM Team| 8 Min Read | August 26, 2020

Track ANY Form in Google Analytics in Under 5 Minutes (Updated August 2020)

Editor's Note: Looking for information on how to do form tracking in Google Analytics? Are…

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google analytics content strategy
By DOM Team| 16 Min Read | August 25, 2020

How Google Analytics Empowers Content Marketing Strategy (Updated August 2020)

Editor's Note: Looking for information on how you should be using Google Analytics to inform…

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Apple and Google Advertising | Advertising on Apple and Google | Apple and Google Ad Update Blog Graphic
By Jim Foreman| 7 Min Read | August 7, 2020

Are Google and Apple’s Upcoming Updates Going to Destroy the Ad Industry?

Big changes in company policies can mean big changes for the businesses that rely on…

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Location Targeting in Advertising | How to Target Locations with Ads | Location Targeting Best Practices Blog Graphic
By Adriana Parra Gonzalez| 4 Min Read | August 1, 2020

Location Targeting & Best Practices for Paid Search Advertising

Advertising. It’s all about hitting the right audience, at the right time, with the right…

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our favorite chrome extensions for ppc
By Jim Foreman| 7 Min Read | July 31, 2020

Our Favorite Chrome Extensions for PPC

We already shared with you a list of our favorite Chrome Extensions for SEO, but…

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google analytics direct traffic
By DOM Team| 9 Min Read | July 30, 2020

This Is Why Your Direct Traffic in Google Analytics Is So High (updated 2020)

Editor's Note: Looking for information on why you should be using Google Analytics? Are you…

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understanding assisted conversions
By Ryan Norman| 9 Min Read | July 15, 2020

Understanding Assisted Conversions: Your Silent Helper in Digital Marketing

Editor's Note: Looking for information on why you should be using assisted conversions in Google…

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Google Tag Manager Hero Image Direct Online Marketing
By DOM Team| 7 Min Read | July 10, 2020

What Is Google Tag Manager and Why Does Your Site Need It? (Updated July 2020)

Google Tag Manager (GTM) provides an easy-to-use method by which marketers and website owners can…

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Button tracking using google tag manager and google analytics
By DOM Team| 5 Min Read | July 8, 2020

A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Button Tracking Using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Editor's Note: Looking for information on how to set up button tracking Google Analytics through…

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ppc metrics you need
By Justin Seibert| 12 Min Read | July 3, 2020

So Which PPC Metrics do You Really Need to Know? (updated July 2020)

There’s an old saying apparently not by Goethe* that a person’s best trait is also…

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PPC Campaign Analysis That's As Easy As Pie (Charts!) - DOM
By Ryan Norman| 5 Min Read | July 1, 2020

Hungry for Better PPC Performance Analysis? It’s as Easy as Pie…Charts!

Analyzing your PPC campaigns with pie charts reveals actionable insights. And it does so visually.…

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