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Google Places Rankings, Hotpot, Tags, Boost Explained by Google

Someone from Google with a camera and (very) rudimentary knowledge of using transitional cuts from close-up to far-away for style points put together to explain… Read More

How Social Signals Influences SEO in Google & Bing

December 3, 2010 |   , , ,

Danny Sullivan has done a splendid summing up of the effect of Twitter and Facebook on your average search engine rankings. He even managed to… Read More

DecorMyEyes Smackdown: Good for Google (Even if it Took the NYT)

December 1, 2010 |  

Two posts (mostly) praising Google in one day?  Why you betcha.  A minor kerfuffle erupted in the search community over the weekend when a NY… Read More

Google Places Now Verifying Discrepancies with Local Listings

December 1, 2010 |   , , ,

I know we share our issues with Google here from time to time, but we try to be fair.  In that vein, they deserve some… Read More

Learn How Potential Customers Act OFF Your Site: Google Places

For those of you not currently using Google Places, we wanted to give you one more reason why you should reconsider.  No, this isn’t about… Read More

Google Hotpot: Google Getting More Personalized, More Local

Last night – perhaps while you were dreaming about sugarplum fairies – Google did a soft launch of Hotpot.  It’s Google’s offering of personalized recommendations… Read More

Google Places Pages Verification Post Card Changed

Google Places recently redid their verification postcards and made them a lot more user-friendly.  This comes along with their push to get greater adoption of… Read More

Spooky Floating Google Maps in Time for Halloween

As you’re probably aware, Halloween is the Official Holiday of Direct Online Marketing™.  It will remain that way no matter how many employees tell me… Read More

Why Search Engine Rankings Can’t Be Guaranteed; SEO Agency & Client Video Edition

There are two things that never fail to raise my SEO hackles. The first is relatively rare, but involves the curious client that is so… Read More

Daily Kos: SEO Political Strategy for Grass Roots Constituents

The more we run search/display ad programs for and follow online political marketing campaigns, the more interesting behind the scenes machinations become.   So you can… Read More

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