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Poor Lois Feldman – The Speaker, Not the Bathroom Party Time Lady

By now you’ve probably heard the story about Lois Feldman.  If not, here’s a quick recap: Lois was arrested for doing her Humpty Hump (of… Read More

Is President-Elect Barack Obama a Social Media Stalker?

President-elect Barack Obama to have his Blackberry-induced smile wiped off his face? The world is made up of two types of people – those who… Read More

Is Your Customer Service in it for the Long U-Haul?

This past couple of weeks has been the best of times, but it’s also been the worst of times. I foolhardily coordinated our move back… Read More

“I’m So (Not) Excited, and I Just Can’t Hide It”

This morning, Justin accused me of being a bit short on the old handle. Or more short-tempered than usual. I find this shocking for the… Read More

If I Sold Cell Phones…On Dropping your Blackberry in the Toilet

I often make analogies to flushing things down the toilet.  Often times those analogies are about money, so that’s how I know I’ve gotten old. … Read More

Which Twittering Twit…

July 17, 2008 |   , ,

…after being explained the intricacies of Twitter said, of a tweet’s 140 character posting limit, “Is that per month?” a) My lovely wife, Stephanie. b)… Read More

Governor Manchin Emails State RE: Daughter’s WVU MBA Scandal

Alright, Now I’m convinced the higher ups at WVU and in West Virginia State government are reading my blog and attending our Next Generation Marketing… Read More

(The) Understanding Elites

May 13, 2008 |  

I’m empathizing with West Virginia today as the whole nation – nay the world – lumps the state into the ‘West Virginia doesn’t matter’ category… Read More

Extreme Online Reputation Management: WVU, Mylan, & Governor’s Office Edition

In getting ready for the Next Generation Marketing series across West Virginia this spring, I began thinking about my presentation on Engagement and Dialogue. In… Read More

This Particular Blog Entry is Really, Really Neat

April 24, 2008 |

The esteemed Sir Paul Woodhouse (I knighted him the other day with the office ketchup bottle) and I were having a conversation seconds ago while… Read More

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