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The Dangers of Content Matching: Robert Kiyosaki

One of my former hockey teammates from Vanderbilt also ended up in the internet marketing realm.  Today, Jotham McCauley sent me something I found too… Read More

Is Your Customer Service in it for the Long U-Haul?

This past couple of weeks has been the best of times, but it’s also been the worst of times. I foolhardily coordinated our move back… Read More

Blogs are Crap – More Fallout from the WVU eMBA Scandal

Rarely do I literally stop everything I’m doing to read an article.  Or post a comment.  Or write a blog.  I hit the trifecta today.… Read More

On Cuil and Search Engine Reputation Management

Rule #1 for true search engine reputation management: If you’re going to get major press for your new search engine, which is supposed to take… Read More

Marketing a State – Online Reputation Management for West Virginia

Fans of the old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon will remember when they told you to tune in next week. They would always end “Don’t miss… Read More

Finally an Example of being Proactive in Online Reputation Management Courtesy of Obama

I spend a lot of time talking with folks about online reputation management and how crucial it is in today’s world. Sometimes that’s to the… Read More

Governor Manchin Emails State RE: Daughter’s WVU MBA Scandal

Alright, Now I’m convinced the higher ups at WVU and in West Virginia State government are reading my blog and attending our Next Generation Marketing… Read More

Update – WVU President Mike Garrison Emails Employees

April 28, 2008 |   , ,

In the last post, I talked about ways to respond to a pr crisis. In fairness that he is responding to the crisis with a… Read More

Extreme Online Reputation Management: WVU, Mylan, & Governor’s Office Edition

In getting ready for the Next Generation Marketing series across West Virginia this spring, I began thinking about my presentation on Engagement and Dialogue. In… Read More

Eric Ward: Good Guy; Justin Seibert: Giant Jag-Off

March 4, 2008 |   , ,

Mmmm – my size 10 Johnston & Murphy tastes pretty good. Maybe that’s why I try to cram it in there so often. I went… Read More

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