Now It’s Free to List Your Products on Google (Updated May 2020)

now it's free to list your products on google

With the unfortunate experience of COVID-19 amongst the masses, Google has made it free to sell through its shopping platform. Since the increasing spread of the virus, online shopping has become a lifeline for consumers and merchants. With companies cutting their spending budgets, this strategic move from Google makes sense. Now mom-and-pop homestyle stores and others are finally able to share their products for free in the United States by the end of April and globally before the end of 2020.

By the end of the month, while a standard Google search will still show advertised results, searches under the Google Shopping tab will result in primarily free product listings. If you use Google Merchant Center or Shopping ads, you do not have to change a thing. Your products will be featured for free based on a user’s search terms. Google’s even doing everything they can to simplify the process while assisting new and existing Google Shopping users. Retailers are being given free exposure through Google to millions of people to help meet their daily shopping needs. Meanwhile, shoppers will be given more products than ever to browse through, from new and possibly never seen before stores. Knowing those essential items are still in stock nation-wide, people will be able to discover new or existing things based on their searches more accurately than before.

New Partnerships Coming Up

Additionally, Google is launching a new partnership with PayPal by allowing merchants to link accounts to existing profiles to make payments faster and smoother. This will benefit customers by enabling them to sign in to their PayPal account through Google, removing extra clicks, and making checkout significantly quicker. In turn, this will be likely to increase conversions for business owners while giving customers PayPal’s return benefits. Shopping has been an integral part of Google’s search engine for nearly two decades. It has helped grow typical retail giants by promoting specific products while directing customers based on previous search history.

Google seems to be making these moves to help consumers who are unable to venture about for some of their new indoor needs. Thankfully, Google appears to be laying a solid foundation, making it safer for people to indulge in cyber retail excursions while not breaking the banks of nation-wide companies. This framework will ultimately help Google with its ability to provide for its users while improving its internal operations.

How to See Your Unpaid Clicks from Google Shopping

Here’s how to navigate Merchant Center to see whether you are getting unpaid clicks in Google Shopping. Go to your Google Merchant Center, and then follow this path:


All products

Unpaid clicks

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