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Justin Seibert - Direct Online Marketing President

DOM President and 20-year digital marketing veteran Justin Seibert started in the field in 2001 as a one-man digital marketing department for an LA-based firm; in 2006 he founded DOM and has grown it into a top 200 Premier Google Partner who’s worked with clients on every populated continent.

Speaker: Justin Seibert
DOM President


Don't Just Take Our Word for It

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GA4 is Inevitable...

Grow With This Webinar By Learning:

  • Why Google is making the change to GA4
  • The benefits of converting now vs later
  • The insights you can gain from implementing 
  • How to avoid future “Oh $#!+” moments

Are You Ready To Leverage Its Insights?

The Numbers Don't Lie









Analytics Phone Screen Illustration
Google Analytics 4
Dan Walsh - Google Agency Development Manager

Dan is an Agency Development Manager at Google and focuses on supporting digital agencies and their clients to get the most out of the Google Ads ecosystem.  With more than 15 years in the media industry across Fortune 500 companies as well as scrappy startups, Dan enjoys helping clients of all sizes to get the best out of their advertising investments.

Speaker: Dan Walsh
Google Agency Development Manager

But on July 1, 2023, Google is going to snap their fingers. On that date, the GA you’ve grown to know and love is going to cease to exist. 

The shift to GA4 is much more than a simple change of a user interface - it’s a complete shift in how you are going to measure web performance. In our upcoming webinar, featuring internal expertise from Google as well as working experience from our own digital analysts, prepare to learn:

Your skills and comfort with Google Analytics may be strong…

"I've worked with at least 3 other agencies and been extremely frustrated in the 
past. DOM is by far the best. They are professional, process driven, and were 
not afraid to tell me when I was wrong 
- a true thought partner." - Ken Kanara, CEO, ECA
"From the beginning DOM was easy to work with and a natural fit to be our preferred internet marketing firm. They established trust with us quickly, generated leads, and gave us the confidence we needed to recommend them to all of our franchisees. We are happy to say, they always deliver great service and stellar results." - Theresa Smith, Director of Marketing, NaturaLawn of America

Clients That Have Trusted Us

Steve D'Angelo - Direct Online Marketing Senior Digital Analyst

DOM Senior Digital Advertising Analyst Steve D'Angelo is certified in multiple disciplines of digital marketing and advertising from Google (including Google Analytics) and HubSpot. He has spent his entire career helping growing and enterprise companies in data-driven industries like healthcare, technology, and insurance create actionable measurement strategies so they can fully utilize their complex analytics setups.

Featured Analyst: Steve D'Angelo
DOM Senior Digital Analyst

Dana Schumacher - Direct Online Marketing Senior Digital Analyst

DOM Senior Digital Analyst Dana Schumacher is a Google Analytics Qualified Individual who was one of the first hires at DOM specifically dedicated to campaign analysis. Prior to joining our team to help our clients grow their SEO and social media campaigns with greater confidence, Dana spent over a decade serving as an in-house analyst for publicly traded enterprises,  eCommerce companies, and software development firms.

Featured Analyst: Dana Schumacher
DOM Senior Digital Analyst

  • Why Google is making the change to GA4
  • The benefits of converting to GA4 now vs next July
  • The insights you can gain from implementing GA4
  • How to set up your GA4 profile to avoid future “Oh $#+!” moments

Whether you are:

  • A seasoned marketing leader responsible for data-driven decision making 
  • A growth hacker at a high-growth company always looking for the next opportunity 
  • An emerging pro who regularly reports to leadership from Google Analytics

Regardless of whether or not you’ve already implemented GA4, are you ready to use it to provide your marketing team with meaningful insights?

You don’t have to dread the day when you need to use GA4 to get the same insights you’ve come to expect from Universal Google Analytics. 

You need to invest in careful planning and strategy to get meaningful insights from your data. This upcoming webinar is the perfect starting point for you to reimagine your measurement strategy for digital campaigns.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

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