Happy (and Safe) New Year

A quick note of thanks to all our clients, employees, partners, and friends who contributed to making 2009 our company’s finest year. We’ve made huge gains as a company that would not have been possible without everyone’s support. We look to even bigger things in 2010, including some new offerings regarding local SEO that we’ll be announcing early in Q1.

Please bring in the New Year safely and enjoy New Year’s.  If you’re into football be sure to root on the Mountaineers of West Virginia and Commodores of Vanderbilt.  I guess two wins (over Rice and a non-NS directional Carolina school) don’t get you to a New Year’s Day bowl.

Check back next week as we’re going to be doing some posts about social media optimization, including reasons why you might NOT want to jump into the social media waters and what CMO’s should do when the President of your organization says he saw a news anchor with a twitter account, so we need one, too!

Justin Seibert

About The Author

Justin Seibert is the President of Direct Online Marketing. Justin holds a Bachelor of Arts from Vanderbilt University. He contributes a wide range of online business-oriented topics, including the subject of exporting. His contributions can be found on publications such as the Pittsburgh Business Times, AdAge, SES Magazine, and La Voz del interior. Justin and his family enjoy learning about new cultures during their travels.

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