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Pittsburgh Content Marketing Services

Our Pittsburgh content marketing team is experienced in developing strategies, writing compelling, keyword-rich content and creating visually appealing graphics from infographics to videos. We then amplify these pieces across multiple channels, including social media and other online publishers, all working together to keep your brand relevant and fresh.

Content marketing allows your brand to stand out amongst competitors, give informative updates to your customers, and organically grow your impressions. By letting us handle your content marketing services, you can be assured that your brand’s image and tone is conveyed in everything that your target market will see, with compelling content that resonates in your audience.

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How Content Marketing Services Can Help Your Business

Nothing builds your customers’ trust like helpful, informative, and timely information surrounding your business, the benefits you can provide, and the industry at large. Being regarded as an authority in your industry can be the key difference between yourself and your competitors, allowing your organization to have the first and final word on any issues a customer may have.

Essentially, it allows you to become a customer’s top-of-mind resource when they have questions or concerns that involve what you do, and a good content marketing agency can put you in this position. 

This is particularly powerful in B2B content marketing, as having enough authority in your industry may mean that your potential clients don’t even bother exploring other options. 

In addition, content marketing allows non-sales channels to alert potential customers to issues they were not previously aware of, allowing your business to have first priority when they consider their options.

  • Well-written content grants high levels of engagement, leveraging loyal customers by relying on their credibility to spread your message.
  • Videos quickly and concisely explain your business and priorities.
  • Infographics can convey complex topics and KPIs in a sharable, visually appealing way.
  • Blog posts thoroughly convey long-form ideas in an easily understood fashion, giving an in-depth understanding to readers.
  • Important ongoing issues can be discussed, creating “evergreen” content, leading to continual exposure of your brand.
  • Accurate and timely information being published establishes your brand as an industry thought leader.
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Clients Who Trust Us

International Marketing Achievements

“My company has been working with Direct Online Marketing for over 7 years. They have been instrumental in the growth of our eCommerce business into over 100 countries worldwide.”

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Chad Remp
International & Ecommerce Sales Manager star rating

Multilingual Marketing Solutions

“We felt fully guided during the whole process and we clearly understood how to achieve our marketing goals.”

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Flor Utset
Manufacturing CEO star rating

Content and Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s important to ensure you’re putting out a consistent message across all marketing channels. We’ll work together to figure out the best marketing channels for your brand to utilize followed by a content strategy outlining strategic themes and topics, giving you a roadmap of the growth to come and explaining the relevance and impact of each step.

SEO and content marketing, when combined, can bring additional traffic to the site through multiple channels, directing both those who know about your business and those who don’t straight to your website. Add PPC advertising to the mix, and you’ve got the foundation of a lucrative digital marketing campaign that’s wholly reflective of your business. 

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Content Campaigns

Our Pittsburgh content marketing agency is well-versed in creating content campaigns that include strategic messaging and a fresh approach month-over-month, ensuring your followers always have a reason to check back in on what your business is doing. From regularly scheduled blog posts, to keyword-rich landing pages, we’ll help you deliver the right messages to your target consumers, increasing trust, loyalty, and exposure with every piece of content published.

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Brand Voice

No matter the medium or the collateral, our writers can find the words for you. Whether you need a press release that hits home or help writing a speech, you want to start a podcast or revamp your company newsletter, we have what it takes to give your brand a consistent tone and personality and deliver key messaging across numerous marketing channels. Brand voice is crucial to content marketing, and with our help, your brand’s voice will be exactly what you’ve wished it could be. Let us help you build a voice, then amplify it to all who might be a fit for your business.

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Content Marketing FAQs

Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content, including videos, podcasts, infographics and more, to attract and engage a specific audience. It's crucial for building trust, developing relationships, establishing authority, and driving customer action.

For B2B companies, content marketing supports lead generation, nurtures leads through the sales funnel, enhances brand positioning, and establishes thought leadership in the industry. It essentially supports all stages of your current marketing funnel, and creates additional top-of-funnel support.

Yes, high-quality, relevant content can significantly improve your website's SEO by driving organic traffic, increasing dwell time, and generating backlinks, especially when launched alongside an SEO campaign.

Services include strategy development, content creation across most media channels, and digital marketing support to further amplify the reach of the created content.

By understanding industry-specific challenges, audience needs, and leveraging industry insights to create targeted, relevant content strategies. Given that we’ve worked in most industries, we’ll understand the nuances that your business faces and create content that helps to alleviate your specific pain points.

Social media amplifies content reach, engages audiences directly, and enhances brand visibility and authority. It’s crucial that your content is tailored to the specific platforms you’re using, so our content team will ensure that the messaging is tailored for all relevant platforms.

Through consistent, valuable content that resonates with the audience, content marketing builds brand recognition and fosters engagement by encouraging interactions and sharing. Well-made content will help to reach those who don’t actively have an issue for you to solve, giving you top-of-mind recognition when the issue does arise for them, and also helps you to be known as the “face of the industry.”

We ensure your messaging reaches the target market through best practices in distribution, targeting specific demographics on social media, and optimization for each platform in use.

It tackles the need for differentiation in a competitive market, local audience engagement, and building a strong online presence. From our office in Pittsburgh, our content marketing team is acutely aware of local trends, and with research tailored to your industry and location, we can overcome challenges in awareness, recognition, trust and authority.

Absolutely, content marketing strategies can be tailored to fit the unique needs, goals, and budget constraints of small businesses, giving you effective reach and engagement with your target audience.