Adam Roth

Adam Roth, Director of Growth and Analysis Director of Growth and Analysis
Adam Roth, Director of Growth and Analysis

Sophisticated analysis of data is the foundation of success on the web. DOM’s Director of Growth and Analysis, Adam Roth, understands the inherent value of comprehensive analytics and data.

To some, abstract equations and complex calculations seem boring. For Adam, they’re mathematical rabbit holes that he thrives in exploring. That’s a great thing for the clients he services because, without competent, insightful analysis, SEO and PPC campaigns will struggle to produce revenue.

After receiving his Master of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Biomedical Informatics, Adam became a full-time consultant for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs where he built an analytics platform still used by the department today. Adam’s program allows the Department of Veterans Affairs to interpret trends across three petabytes of patient data in real time.

Success on the web, at its core, depends on real-time data analysis. Adam discovers opportunities and strategies that others miss, propelling you ahead of the competition.

Adam is versed in 20+ programming languages; his ingenious computation analysis helps DOM succeed by circumventing predictable obstacles. He often supports e-commerce clients grappling with complex consumer funnels. Adam can streamline your funnel and ramp up your lead quality.

Adam helps DOM’s clients identify new trends in real-time. He creates programs that DOM’s account managers and strategists use to analyze and refine business tactics. Even if you’re not working directly with Adam, his analysis programs play a role in your success.

The web continues to get smarter. Artificial Intelligence programs are becoming a more pervasive part of marketing campaigns and consumer funnels.

Adam’s obsession with artificial intelligence doesn’t end with his professional life: he’s a big advocate of Google Maps. His coworkers even claim he uses it to find his way to DOM’s kitchen. (We’re pretty sure that’s not true.)

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