Chris Loren

chris-loren Senior Content Specialist

Great content is a driving force behind effective SEO. Just ask Chris, one of our content specialists and a writer who lives and breathes keyword optimization.

With a professional background involving both technical and creative writing, Chris is able to bring whichever style is most suitable when writing content for our clients’ specific needs. A firm believer in putting strategy first, he feels that thorough research on a topic is just as important as the actual content that comes out of it.

Being a writer, we asked Chris to create his own bio. Unfortunately, what he turned in was almost entirely unusable and just altogether too much. For example, here’s an excerpt from page 72:

“After the destruction of the Ko-dan empire’s capital ship, I said goodbye to my fellow starfighter pilots and returned home to finish earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in professional writing from La Roche College. However, as I brought my ship down for a landing in my parents’ yard, I noticed the lights were off throughout the entire neighborhood. The magical senses that I’d honed while battling the necromancer of K’rath Tower (see Chapter 3) were screaming a warning in my head. Something wasn’t right.”

Chris’ favorite things to do when he’s not at his desk involve playing guitar with his metal band and hanging out with his five cats and his fiance. Chris believes himself to be a Drag Race aficionado and can recite the entire script from the movie Big Trouble in Little China.

Posts By Chris Loren

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