Cory Hedgepeth

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

In modern business, companies can no longer afford to ignore the value of digital marketing. Digital marketing mediums are essential to both new product sales and client retention.

As a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Cory Hedgepeth helps large companies strategically deploy intelligent, ROI-generating campaigns. His background is long, accomplished, and success-focused. A 15-year veteran in the world of digital marketing, he’s worked on many different digital marketing tactics and brings that experience to DOM.

As a writer and content marketer, Cory’s work has been shared and published via major brands, including USA Today, The Big Lead, and ESPN. He’s marketed brands in a variety of verticals, including health, sports, survivalist, life-hacks, productivity, and motivational.

As a data analyst, Cory is able to take unique positions during site audits and help DOM’s SEO team discover “easy win” keywords. He thrives in competitive analysis stages of DOM’s client-onboarding process. At the heart of the matter, Cory understands that profitability is the end goal.

Cory’s experience also includes the creation and management of numerous highly trafficked Facebook pages. He’s taken Facebook pages from nothing to something by purely organic means. His ability to craft compelling headlines helps make content more share-worthy, thereby generating more organic, social traffic.

Cory understands how to drive sales by writing potent newsletters. He employs his firm understanding of newsletter creation, subject line formulation, and email-promotion statistics to help DOM thrive.

In his spare time, Cory enjoys Jiu Jitsu, spending time with his family, and live sporting events.

Posts By Cory Hedgepeth

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