Dana Schumacher

dana shumacher Senior Digital Analyst
dana shumacher

Dana’s journey into the digital marketing space began more than a decade ago when she became interested in the inherent agility of digital channels, and how important it is to pay attention to what story the data is telling. As Dana will tell you, data itself is worthless without someone with a keen eye and the experience to tell you what it means.

With certifications in Google Analytics and Google Ads Search, analytics may be Dana’s specialty, but that’s not all she does for DOM. Dana helps clients use their data to maximize opportunity and focus their digital advertising efforts in the right direction. If you just want numbers, Dana is not your gal. If you want valuable insights that improve your business, however, she’s your huckleberry.

Dana is a master of the efficient use of digital data and can leverage her extensive experience to make every ad campaign as lean and productive as it can be. On top of her certifications, she also has a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations from Point Park University. If you want to know the difference between a good pay-per-click campaign and a bad one, Dana is your go-to expert.

When she’s not making the data do its dance, you will probably find Dana outside with her miniature dachshunds, Theo and Tyler. They love camping almost as much as she does. If you want to get Dana’s attention, ask her about the best place in Pittsburgh to buy records, or where to take your pup and get a pint — she knows all the best spots.

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