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Email Marketing is Alive and Well for 2023

Contrary to popular notions social media did not kill the email star, email marketing is alive and well in 2022. It is without a doubt… Read More

Your Complete Guide to Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing campaigns are essential for businesses to reach their goals of increasing brand awareness and driving conversions. Without marketing, companies would cease to exist,… Read More

Social Media and Strategic Management

Denise DeSimone | April 1, 2022 |  ,

Social Media and Strategic Management by Pittsburgh Marketing Agency, C-leveled.

How to Find Clients on LinkedIn

Denise DeSimone | August 4, 2020 |  

If you are a business looking for ways to find clients on LinkedIn, here is a quick six-step guide to help you start engaging with the prospective clients in your niche.

How to Create a Facebook Shop for Your Business

Denise DeSimone | July 21, 2020 |  

If you are a business that sells products, then Facebook gives you an option to create your own Facebook shop. Here is a quick guide to setting up a Facebook shop to sell your products.

Right Now Is The Right Time For A Lead Gen Campaign

Denise DeSimone | April 29, 2020 |  

The purpose of lead generation can vary from driving sales to increasing email sign-ups, and more. But the end goal is the same every time – to get

Socially distanced, not disconnected! Join us!

Denise DeSimone | April 3, 2020 |  

Join C-leveled for a Virtual Social Hour  Instead of letting social distancing drive us stir crazy, we’re finding new and creative ways to work

Outsourced Marketing Is The Best Decision You Can Make Right Now. Here’s Why.

Denise DeSimone | April 1, 2020 |  

Businesses around the world are constantly seeking new ways to gain advantages in healthy, everyday competitive landscapes. That’s why outsourcing is

What You Need To Know About Converting Leads with Strategic Marketing

Denise DeSimone | February 13, 2020 |  

In businesses, every action is directed by the same underlying goal: increasing leads and conversions. Whether you’re creating a strategic marketing plan

How To Tell Your Brand Story With Content Marketing

Denise DeSimone | February 4, 2020 |  

Storytelling has been a prized art form for a long time. People connect, relate, and are influenced by well-crafted stories that build emotional, human

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