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My Name is NOT Michael Caine

DOM Team | October 29, 2007 |  

I’ve always attracted the inveterate crazies – like flies round the proverbial cow pat. I don’t what it is; whether they see a kindred spirit… Read More

eBay: Where Rickety Old Buses Go to Pasture…

DOM Team | October 23, 2007 |  ,

During my formative years over in the UK, I remember a bit of a fuss over a bus. I don’t want to lose anybody here,… Read More

Sneaker Pimps

DOM Team | October 21, 2007 |

I’ve always gunned for the underdog. There’s nothing I like more than getting hold of a Web presence of a small company and helping them… Read More

The Yahoo! Junk Boom Effect vs The Facebook Baby Boomer Blitz

DOM Team | October 17, 2007 |  , ,

Every once in a while my fellow search compadre here at Direct Online Marketing™ Towers, Katie, will amaze me with a succinct summing-up of a… Read More

Really Dim (Sum) Shadies

DOM Team | October 10, 2007 |  

What is it with Lou Dobbs? If I’ve heard him whine about illegal immigrants and Chinese outsourcing once, I’ve heard him whine a thousand times.… Read More

It Just Isn’t Cricket

DOM Team | October 4, 2007 |  

I love my cricket. I loved playing it and I love watching it. I also love the look on any American’s face when you explain… Read More

Between a Rock of Love and a Hard Place.

As somebody once pointed out in some ditty on some long player, “I’m working hard for the weekend.” Or lyrics to that effect. It seems… Read More

Yellow-Bellied Pages

DOM Team | September 26, 2007 |  

I woke up late this morning. You see, I not only like to live life on the edge – of a sofa that is –… Read More

Danger! High Voltage.

DOM Team | September 23, 2007 |  ,

I’ve always found myself a tad confused when trying to compare junior, middle and high schools with their British equivalents. Once you start adding college… Read More

It must’ve been a dodgy pie.

DOM Team | September 19, 2007 |

My name’s Paul Woodhouse and I used to be a boy scout – there, I’ve said it. During this formative part of my teenage years… Read More

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