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It must’ve been a dodgy pie.

DOM Team | September 19, 2007 |

My name’s Paul Woodhouse and I used to be a boy scout – there, I’ve said it. During this formative part of my teenage years… Read More

A Local Search for Local People

DOM Team | September 16, 2007 |  

One of the many bonuses of having my mother over this past two weeks is that she’s done all the touristy searching for things to… Read More

Don’t be an Outrageous Waster

DOM Team | September 10, 2007 |

Every time I turn the TV on I’m confronted by some British TV actor who seems to have made a B-line for the states and… Read More

“Speakers……Faarsands of ’em”

DOM Team | September 9, 2007 |  

There’s nothing I like more than kicking back and watching a movie. A cracking little film is always preferable to an absolute duck-egg, but I’ll… Read More

It’s on for young and old.

DOM Team | September 6, 2007 |  

I don’t think I can cope. My mother is currently charging around like a kid in a candy store on a sugar rush. Everything is… Read More

Big Day.

DOM Team | September 3, 2007 |  ,

As dates go, the fourth of September is quite monumental. It’s six years to the day since I stepped on American soil for the first… Read More

How Come I Never Saw Elvis Leaving the Building?

DOM Team | August 26, 2007 |  , ,

This weekend I literally went to the dogs as opposed to metaphorically which probably happened over a decade ago if truth be told. My father-in-law… Read More

Steering Clear of Clueless Cliches and Bizarre Buzzwords

DOM Team | August 21, 2007 |  

It intrigues my why we use cliches. The most preposterous cliché users tend to be sportsmen, politicians, and business types of every persuasion. It’s a… Read More

Mmmm Chocolate.

DOM Team | August 19, 2007 |  , ,

You know you’re getting old when the twinges of regret far outweigh the sparks of excitement. Or, is a hankering after ‘stuff’ of a bygone… Read More

(Ab)normal Service May Now Resume.

DOM Team | August 16, 2007 |  

I feel kinda bad for not having blogged on here for the past week or so. I could make excuses about conferences and such, but… Read More

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