Stephanie Mahnken

Stephanie Mahnken Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
Stephanie Mahnken

In 2013, DOM was faced with a challenge. It was growing rapidly. While growth is never a problem, DOM was concerned with maintaining its high standards as it expanded its service offerings and took on new clients.

The company realized it needed more team members to help continue fulfilling its mission to provide superior service to its growing stable of clients. One of those new hires was New Jersey native Stephanie Mahnken.

Stephanie’s prior customer service roles with large brands, such as AT&T and Toyota, prepared her to flourish at DOM.

Stephanie now serves as a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist; she’s proficient in most everything SEO. Her focus on SEO client services is central to DOM’s high client-retention rate. Because all DOM clients can cancel with just 10-days notice, the company’s client services and results must be on point. Stephanie contributes substantially in both areas.

In the broader SEO sphere, Stephanie has a particular passion for helping national corporations with local SEO for their franchises. She excels at removing the account management burden from company headquarters and working directly with franchise owners/operators to help them reach maximum exposure in their local markets.

Stephanie is a testament to DOM’s philosophy of acquiring and developing talent.

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys cooking for her family and friends, as well as occasionally catering weddings. You might find her at a Bluegrass festival from time to time too.


  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Predictive Index Practioner
  • Grow with Google Partner
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