Steve D'Angelo

Steve D'Angelo Digital Advertising Analyst
Steve D'Angelo

If you ask Steve D’Angelo’s coworkers what trait best describes him, they will point to his unbridled passion. His energy for digital advertising is unquestionably contagious.

As a Digital Advertising Analyst, Steve channels that passion into creating stunning and effective advertising campaigns that drive revenue. He lives and breathes profitability, and that’s precisely why our clients love him.

With this focus, Steve helps DOM execute effective ad campaign strategy. He’s an unabashed connoisseur of digital trade publications and information. (Yes, he’s our resident nerd). He never stops learning on behalf of our clients.

Steve channels his Excel expertise into crafting data-compilation solutions that enable DOM to approach ad buying campaigns more efficiently. He also leverages his understanding of Google BigQuery and Python to create custom reporting systems for clients, thereby saving them time and money.

A Youngstown State University graduate, Steve’s experience on both the client and agency sides of digital marketing lend him a unique perspective on client services. He believes that client communication is the driving factor of scalable success. When you work with Steve, he won’t be a stranger. Additionally, he’ll immerse himself in your company’s products and services so that he fully understands your vision.

Steve is DOM’s aficionado of NCAA and NBA basketball analytics. He’s an avid reader and recently got engaged to his fiancé, Anna.


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