Victoria Kurczyn

Senior Client Success Manager

As a Senior Client Success Manager, Victoria Kurczyn uses an arsenal of digital marketing-centric skills to increase client ROI through PPC campaigns. She’s not just setting up campaigns, she’s writing ad copy, designing ads, and developing strategy.

Victoria’s contributions don’t end with PPC campaigns, though; she also leverages email newsletter marketing to help clients who want to improve product engagement through retargeting.

With years of client-side marketing experience, Victoria enhances the overall client digital marketing portfolio from top to bottom. She identifies pain points and harnesses the power of solution-driven ad campaigns. She’s keen on your competition’s ad placement but not shackled by it. In other words, Victoria understands your sector, but her forward-thinking means she’s focused on a unique, exclusive campaign strategy.

Victoria majored in Business Administration from Ohio Christian University. In her spare time, you can find Victoria at her local YMCA, sweating like a man, preparing to bound into her 40s like Cheetara.  Additionally, she enjoys hunting for vintage clothing at thrift stores, French baking – although she’s no good at it – and hanging out with her husband and their two sons.

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