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Still Putting Off GA4 Implementation? Here’s Why You Can’t Wait.

December 2, 2022 |   , , ,

Editor’s Note: This article about GA4 implementation was originally published in the PTC Member News section of the Pittsburgh Technology Council and is reprinted here… Read More

Why You Have GA4 Connector Errors In Your Looker Studio Reports

Are you one of the many users of GA4 finding errors with your connector (like this one) loading your data and beautifying its presentation in… Read More

Is GA4 Better Than UA? Find Out In Our Next Webinar!

“Is Google Analytics 4 better than Universal Analytics?” If you are responsible for one of the roughly 28 million-plus websites that still uses Google Universal… Read More

Unsure How To Setup Your GA4 Migration? There’s A Checklist For That!

October 25, 2022 |   , , ,

So many companies are preparing to go through a Google Analytics 4 setup over the next 9 months. If you run or work for one… Read More

Track Looker Studio Report Engagement with Google Analytics

October 14, 2022 |   , ,

Editor’s Note: Looking for information on how to track engagement on your GDS reports using Google Analytics? Are you still using the traditional version of… Read More

Looker Studio Report Templates (Updated 2022)

October 14, 2022 |   , ,

Below you will find 4 Looker Studio templates you can use to get started producing marketing reports using the platform. We hope they are useful… Read More

Bounce Rate In Google Analytics 4 (Everything You Should Know)

In analytics, we often find clarity. Unless, of course, those analytics are inserting bounce rates into the their equations; in which case we find total confusion. Let’s solve that.

Where Did My Bounce Rate Go in GA4? Enter Engaged Sessions (Updated August 2022)

With Google Analytics 4, a lot of things are changing. One of those changes, initially, was the removal of the bounce rate metric in lieu… Read More

Begin Your Google Analytics 4 Training In Our Upcoming Webinar

Whether you want to admit it or not, implementing GA4 is now… inevitable! Knowing that, there’s no better time to start your Google Analytics 4… Read More

4 Easy Steps To Set Up Cross Domain Tracking With GA4

Editor’s Note: This content will focus on cross domain tracking for GA4. For cross domain tracking in Universal Google Analytics, please refer to that step… Read More

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