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By Jonathan Bentz| 12 Min Read | October 5, 2022

12 Profitable Holiday Marketing Ideas To Make This Your Best Year Yet

If your holiday marketing ideas aren’t ready to roll by the middle of October, you’re…

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bing microsoft multimedia ads
By Ryan Norman| 7 Min Read | July 9, 2021

Why This Matters to You: Bing Microsoft Multimedia Ads

This post is for the savvy digital marketer who wants to get ahead of the…

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microsoft ads
By Chris Loren| 5 Min Read | May 26, 2021

Which PPC Network is Best — Microsoft Advertising or Google Ads?

Before getting any deeper into this article, it’s important to establish some branding vocabulary here.…

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Bing Expands Relationship With Verizon Media
By DOM Team| 2 Min Read | April 23, 2019

Bing Expands Verizon Media Relationship (And That’s Great for Marketers)

Google Ads isn’t the only game in town. Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ahref’s are staking out…

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Tips for writing PPC text ad headlines DOM Blog
By Leland Reed| 7 Min Read | September 13, 2018

7 Top Tips to Craft Compelling Expanded Text Ad Headlines

Editor's Note: Effective June 30, 2022, Expanded Text Ads are going to be phased out…

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digital marketing news 5
By Leland Reed| 5 Min Read | March 2, 2018

Bing Announces Multiple Changes & Feature Coming To Bing Ads

There’s no denying the simple truth that Bing Ads hasn’t always been quite as robust…

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8 Internet Marketing Tips for Holiday Success
By Leland Reed| 5 Min Read | November 14, 2014

The Beginning: My First Weeks of Search Marketing

My name is Leland Reed and I started working for Direct Online Marketing on September…

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By DOM Team| 2 Min Read | August 14, 2012

Bing’s ‘Disavow Links’ Tool Makes it Easier to Cut Ties

Even if you didn't mean to build bad links, that doesn't mean there aren't any…

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By DOM Team| 6 Min Read | December 3, 2010

How Social Signals Influences SEO in Google & Bing

Danny Sullivan has done a splendid summing up of the effect of Twitter and Facebook…

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