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Is the New Facebook News Feed Tweak the End of Organic Posting?

April 24, 2015 |   , , ,

In the early days of brand involvement on Facebook, engagement and organic reach with an audience was easy as pie. For those who could see… Read More

Sports and Social Media: A Perfect Pair

It’s hard to deny the influence that sports have on our daily lives. It is almost impossible to go more than an hour or two… Read More

YouTube for Truck Driver Recruitment: Sexist or Smart? (Or Both?)

The trucking industry was not one of the first verticals to get behind internet marketing, but they’re starting to make up for it in a… Read More

Poor Lois Feldman – The Speaker, Not the Bathroom Party Time Lady

By now you’ve probably heard the story about Lois Feldman.  If not, here’s a quick recap: Lois was arrested for doing her Humpty Hump (of… Read More

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