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CRO: Why More Traffic Doesn’t Equal More Sales

Sales are down. You’re feeling the pressure to get them up. Naturally, you surmise that you need to increase traffic. Many marketers see improving traffic… Read More

Email Marketing Strategies And Concepts: A Comprehensive Guide

February 25, 2019 |   , ,

Email marketing is often used to turn prospects into paying consumers of your products and services. And it can help nurture fruitful, lasting relationships between your company and subscribers. So how does it all work?

Goals are Your Friend in Google Analytics (Unlike France in the World Cup)

Editor’s Note: Looking for information on setting up goals in Google Analytics and still using Universal Analytics (or older)? You are at risk of losing… Read More

Are your Online Marketing Conversion Pages The Sweater Song or Cotton Eyed Joe?

February 8, 2007 |   ,

Today I was on the way to work and instead of listening to books on tape I was listening to the radio. I hit a… Read More

Go Back, Baby. Momma Needs Drugs

I was reviewing my blog posts recently and saw how often I mention something about my kids. I laughed thinking about how different this digital… Read More

Someone that can Teach You the Proper Use of Credibility and the Figure-4

January 1, 2007 |   ,

Last night I’m having trouble sleeping. Still not quite back to normal after our trip to Germany. Trust me, it’s not from staying up too… Read More

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