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Unsure How To Setup Your GA4 Migration? There’s A Checklist For That!

October 25, 2022 |   , , ,

So many companies are preparing to go through a Google Analytics 4 setup over the next 9 months. If you run or work for one… Read More

Bounce Rate In Google Analytics 4 (Everything You Should Know)

In analytics, we often find clarity. Unless, of course, those analytics are inserting bounce rates into the their equations; in which case we find total confusion. Let’s solve that.

Where Did My Bounce Rate Go in GA4? Enter Engaged Sessions (Updated August 2022)

With Google Analytics 4, a lot of things are changing. One of those changes, initially, was the removal of the bounce rate metric in lieu… Read More

Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics

You might have noticed a lot of talk around the web community about the benefits and challenges in campaign measurement when comparing Google Analytics 4… Read More

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