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DOM’s 2015 Internet Marketing Predictions

Every industry has their own predictions of what they think will occur or be the trends for the upcoming year. Online marketing is no different!… Read More

Upgraded Call Extensions: What’s the Tradeoff?

July 3, 2013 |   ,

AdWords Call Extensions If you’re an advertiser that takes inbound calls for sales or leads, call extensions provide an excellent opportunity for inexpensive and high-quality… Read More

Google AdWords Meets Advertisers in the Middle Regarding Ad Rotations

June 7, 2012 |   , ,

When I found out that Google AdWords was changing their ad rotation a couple weeks ago I wanted to pull my hair out. To recap… Read More

Google AdWords is Now Messing with my Ad Rotations

May 2, 2012 |   , ,

Today I was greeted with a message that Google AdWords will now be in control of ad delivery within my clients’ campaigns. Whoa….I thought it… Read More

Google AdWords is Messing with my Match Types

April 27, 2012 |   , ,

As an agency, we use Google match types as intended and exact match means we only want that exact term to trigger our ads. The… Read More

New Google+ Page Updates: Still Trying to Keep Up With Facebook?

If you use Google+, you might notice some new updates today. I’ve included a couple screenshots so you can visually compare the differences. Google+ Changes… Read More

Google AdWords Changes: Display URLs, Negative Keyword Lists: Updated

Google’s Inside AdWords blog today announced a decision that will impact most of you reading this that have a Google AdWords account: [W]e’ve decided to… Read More

Google Places Rankings, Hotpot, Tags, Boost Explained by Google

Someone from Google with a camera and (very) rudimentary knowledge of using transitional cuts from close-up to far-away for style points put together to explain… Read More

How Social Signals Influences SEO in Google & Bing

December 3, 2010 |   , , ,

Danny Sullivan has done a splendid summing up of the effect of Twitter and Facebook on your average search engine rankings. He even managed to… Read More

How to Set an Easy to Remember Facebook URL: Update

This next song’s dedicated to all you small businesses out there who are looking to more effectively use social media and in particular Facebook.  Hold… Read More

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