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6 of the Best Google Tag Manager Recipes [Free Downloads] (Updated 2020)

A Google Tag Manager (GTM) container is a set of macros, rules, and tags within a GTM account. Containers can be exported from one account… Read More

Ding Dong, Google Tags are Dead

Yes, in case you missed us warning you earlier on facebook, Google Tags died on April 29th. Or, to use Google Places’ terminology, “retired.”  That… Read More

How to Protect Your Online Reputation – Ohio State University

As mentioned previously, on Saturday I presented “How to Protect Your Online Reputation” at THE Ohio State University’s Digital Media in a Social World.  They’re… Read More

Google Places Rankings, Hotpot, Tags, Boost Explained by Google

Someone from Google with a camera and (very) rudimentary knowledge of using transitional cuts from close-up to far-away for style points put together to explain… Read More

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