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What’s Next for Google Places? Reputation Management And…

…putting local SEOs out of business.  But that really only concerns us and companies like mine, so I assume that’s boring to read for you,… Read More

Facebook Gets It – Do You?

December 10, 2006 |   ,

Sorry for being short on posts last week. Lots and lots of work. There was also a little matter of being stuck in 1 regular… Read More

Finally a Movie Promotion Idea that Makes Sense

November 28, 2006 |   ,

I promise this will be the last post about movie promotions for at least 2006. I wouldn’t have more than one right now if it… Read More

A Great Idea – No a Really Bad One – Aww, I Give Up

November 9, 2006 |   , , ,

The movie business has been in trouble for a little while. People aren’t going to the theatres as often as they used to. Sure one… Read More

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