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The 7 Greatest Fears of Non-Profits about Social Media

I’m giving a social media presentation to a group of non-profits tomorrow. Per my standard procedure for speaking engagements whenever possible, we sent out a… Read More

Old Gimmers Sink Their Gums into Twitter

There are times I hate social media. It’s never the tool itself but the ravenous tugging at the cool tool-du-jour’s carcass by the various vultures… Read More

Healthcare Marketing Research & Survey Results

On Halloween, we cited some Harris Interactive research regarding how consumers like to find answers to their healthcare questions.  We also asked you “What are… Read More

Is Your Customer Service in it for the Long U-Haul?

This past couple of weeks has been the best of times, but it’s also been the worst of times. I foolhardily coordinated our move back… Read More

Blogs are Crap – More Fallout from the WVU eMBA Scandal

Rarely do I literally stop everything I’m doing to read an article.  Or post a comment.  Or write a blog.  I hit the trifecta today.… Read More

“I’m So (Not) Excited, and I Just Can’t Hide It”

This morning, Justin accused me of being a bit short on the old handle. Or more short-tempered than usual. I find this shocking for the… Read More

Which Twittering Twit…

July 17, 2008 |   , ,

…after being explained the intricacies of Twitter said, of a tweet’s 140 character posting limit, “Is that per month?” a) My lovely wife, Stephanie. b)… Read More

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