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Bing & Yahoo! Transitioning in a Tree

July 23, 2010 |   ,

Are you ready? Did you know? Do you care? ….about the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance. Yes, the time is nearly upon us as pointed… Read More

Yahoo! & Microsoft Sign Search Deal Prenup

July 30, 2009 |   , ,

Well the world of search is all a flutter with news of the merger between Yahoo! and Microsoft. It’s by no means easy to avoid,… Read More

Yahoo! and Google Split. Is Yahoo! Better Off?

November 6, 2008 |   ,

I don’t know whether you’ve been following the Yahoo! soap opera of late, but I bet you’ve seen the latest installment of the on-off-on again… Read More

There Were Three in the Bed and the Little One Said…..

April 22, 2008 |   , , ,

It’s happened again. I’m sure I’ve bored you previously with some of my wife’s dream tales, but I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned that I… Read More

Yahoo! Scraps Minimum Keyword Bid

April 18, 2008 |   ,

You remember that Yahoo! PPC breaking news we broke back in December, do you not? You know, when we got secret inside word of them… Read More

The Yahoo! Junk Boom Effect vs The Facebook Baby Boomer Blitz

October 17, 2007 |   , ,

Every once in a while my fellow search compadre here at Direct Online Marketing™ Towers, Katie, will amaze me with a succinct summing-up of a… Read More

The Essential Web Site Check List – Part 3

April 22, 2007 |   , , , , ,

First of all, I want to apologize for using Pittsburgh Pirate Ronny Paulino in my post about content management systems (step #2). He’s probably my… Read More

Good Friday? No, the Best

April 5, 2007 |   , ,

I just received a notice from Yahoo! that I thought was worth sharing. They are changing their policy so that “short ads” (70 characters maximum)… Read More

Hotels.com does Not have a Checkbox for Fireproof

November 29, 2006 |   , , ,

One of the great things about working in downtown Wheeling is that there are so many beautiful older buildings and home. That’s also one of… Read More

Search Getting Smarter

November 27, 2006 |   ,

If you watch sports or The Daily Show, no doubt you’ve seen the commercial for Gears of War at least a dozen times by now.… Read More

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