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  • Mercyhurst University, Erie, Pa
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Matt Heckathorn

Account Management Department Manager

Matt’s been in the marketing game for a dozen years, with prior roles leading marketing teams and departments as a director. Matt has experience working closely in affiliate marketing, residential real estate, residential drug treatment, the renewable energy sector, and others. Now, he leverages his considerable skill to helping DOM’s clients get the most out of their ad investments.

If you want to find Matt, look outside. You’ll often find him either on a hike or snowboarding. He likes to collect music and even plays a little himself–trombone in high school, but these days he sticks to percussion. If you need a new canoe or piece of furniture, Matt’s the DOMmer you want, as he can also be found giving his tools a workout in the woodshop.

Matt and his wife Shannon have a daughter named Harlowe and a Yorkie Maltese (Morkie) named Piper (Chapman) Heckathorn. He and Shannon are both from the same high school, though not high school sweethearts (you’ll have to ask Matt yourself if you want that story). They’re thrilled to be back in Pittsburgh to be around family, and we’re lucky to have them.

Matt has a Bachelor of Science in Business Public Relations with a Minor in Marketing from Mercyhurst University.