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  • BS at Ohio University, Athens Ohio
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Sara Davis

Sr. Client Success Manager

As a Client Success Manager, Sara gets to build relationships with clients to understand their goals and relay that information to the DOM team to execute our strategy. It’s all about curiosity for Sara–curiosity about why her clients do what they do, how they work, and how they measure success.

Sara got her BS in Communications with a minor in Spanish. She speaks Español and even spent time in Spain.

Sara’s passion for marketing developed in college while she worked as the Assistant to the Director of Marketing. She worked abroad and at a local television as a Video Producer before starting her own marketing business, where she focused on building up small, local businesses and non-profits to leave a lasting impact on her community.

Sara is still heavily involved in her hometown community where she serves as a strategic advisor to art organizations and the local farmers’ market. She’s a recent transplant to Pittsburgh and still looking for opportunities to get involved. Recommendations welcome!

If those recommendations involve making music, then you’ll have her attention. Sara is a bonafide music lover, playing guitar from age 11. She was recently gifted a banjo, so learning to play that is the next challenge on her horizon.

Fun Fact About Sara:

“While working in Spain, I accidentally got involved in writing and recording audio for a bi-lingual text book on technology. Doesn’t really apply here, but the royalties were nice!”