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Retargeting: A Second Bite at the Apple

Looking for a way to reach consumers who have been to your website, but did not convert into a prospect or sale? Retargeting is the answer*. Also termed remarketing by Google, retargeting creates top-of-mind awareness for your brand by following the user as she or he visits other websites.  Think of it as a second bite at the apple.portrait of beautiful woman eating apple

How Does Retargeting Work?

By placing a small snippet of code on a page or pages of your site, a cookie is uploaded onto the visitor’s browser. Then, as the visitor leaves your site and visits others, your ad can be shown through a display network such as Google AdWords that allows you to target by cookie.

Why Use Retargeting?

When done properly, retargeting often leads to high numbers of conversions at very low costs because you only pay per click – just like with a paid search campaign.

Isn’t It Creepy?

It definitely can make visitors feel like they’re being cyber-stalked. Fortunately, you have a number of frequency capping and other controls at your disposal to cut down on the creepiness factor.

Any Special Uses for Retargeting?

While retargeting is still a relatively new technique, it’s already being used in a number of creative ways, such as:

  • Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts. Target just the people that added items to their cart, but didn’t complete their order. Offer them a coupon or free shipping or other enticement to finish their purchase.
  • Saving the Lead. Encourage persons who made it to one of your offer pages, but didn’t sign up. Just note that the person may have called or converted offline instead of filling out a form.
  • Additional Ad Sales for Publishers. Publishers can offer their own retargeting by serving up advertisers’ ads to people who have visited their site.
  • Cross Channel. Retargeting is not limited to just your website. You can drop cookies anywhere where people are using the internet to reach you, including email and social media properties like facebook.
  • Search Retargeting. Traditional site retargeting allows you to reach visitors to your site. With search retargeting, you can reach visitors who have searched for a particular term regardless of whether they visited your site. This typed of retargeting offers the most potential for reach.

* Note: Privacy laws outside the United States – especially in various European countries – may not allow for retargeting to be handled the same way.

Boost Your PPC ROI Today

Whether you’re new to retargeting or looking to boost your existing efforts, find out how Direct Online Marketing™ can help. To learn more, please click here or call 800.979.3177 for a free consultation.

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