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Web Design & Development Services

Your website says a lot about you. Consumers will likely form their first impression of your brand when they visit your site, and first impressions mean everything to new customers. With responsive, SEO-friendly web design & web development services from our team in Pittsburgh, you can put a new foot forward, modernizing and upgrading your website to make that first impression one they’ll remember. Whether you’re after website redesign services or laying the groundwork for a brand-new site, our web dev services team is the premier choice.

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How Web Design & Development Can Help Your Business

  • No website accidentally looks good. A properly designed website builds trust in your business and encourages customers to learn more about you.
  • You may be unaware of problems that are hampering your website, whether technical or design-focused.
  • Your website’s pages loading speeds can be improved, leading to greater engagement rates.
  • Your website may have broken links or orphaned pages, frustrating customers when they attempt to gather information about you.
  • Your website may be improperly tailored to mobile devices, leaving a large group of your customers unable to access or navigate your site.
  • Your CMS may be lacking, meaning that WordPress web development may be your next best move.
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Our Unique Approach To Web Development & Web Design Services

Our Pittsburgh web design team understands the importance of having a strong digital presence that’s engaging to visitors without bogging the site down through unnecessary extras. In collaboration with our in-house Pittsburgh web development team, we’ll work to create the best digital experience possible for your audience, along with the enticing visual elements to reel them in. Web design isn’t all about what you see, but if the visuals aren’t appealing, customers have no reason to delve further into learning about you. You only have one chance at a first impression, let us make it count. Our website design and redesign services balance front-end aesthetics with back-end speed & practicality, giving you a website that’s responsive, appealing, and most importantly, engaging. Whether you’re looking for a WordPress developer, a HubSpot development agency, or if you’re looking to have a Shopify website developed – we work building websites so you can market to your customers the way you need.

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Website Design Clients Who Trust Us

Friendly & Fun To Work With

“From my experience, I appreciate the quick response, the communication throughout the process, and how fun the team has made this relationship and process.”

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Jessica DeBorde
Marcom Pro star rating

Open Reporting Of Results

“I appreciate their transparency and their concern for the client. If they’re not seeing the performance they expect, they’re going to pull back very quickly.”

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Ian Leslie
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Visual Web Design Matters

When it comes to web development, usability, accessibility, and marketing drive visual design. DOM will work closely with you to develop an intuitive, easy-to-use, anticipatory user-centered design for your website. This website design will be appropriate for the target audience with user experience and brand essence at the center of everything we do.


User experience

At DOM, we have quite a few websites that we have developed under our belts. We take pride in our strategic web development approach to diving deep into who your customers are and what they’re looking for, developing an image of what they should expect from your site and making that image a reality. From there, we’ll infuse our findings into your website’s design for the best digital experience possible, building a site that speaks directly to your target market.

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The Structure of Web Design and Redesign Services

We develop website wireframes and application flows to present for your approval. Through the definition and structure phases of website design, we will closely work with you to ensure the functionality of the application is purposeful and approved prior to the development process, expanding your website in ways that benefit both you and the consumer.

Interactive Web Design

Our team of Pittsburgh web development experts knows from experience how users interact with websites, and we’ll put this knowledge into every step of building your website. We will work hard to infuse your website with elements that your consumers will appreciate and understand, engaging them on the visual and conceptual levels in tandem.

Expertise In Enterprise Level Web Development Across CMSes

Our Pittsburgh website design team is proficient in handling a range of content management systems for web development, including:

WordPress Development Services: Specializing in custom WordPress development and maintenance.
HubSpot Development Services: Offering development services for businesses using HubSpot’s CMS for inbound marketing strategies.
Shopify Site Development Services: Developing e-commerce sites using Shopify’s platform to enhance online retail capabilities.

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We Can Answer Your Web Development Questions

At Direct Online Marketing, we can help answer your questions about whether your business would benefit from a new website. By analyzing your current site’s performance, user experience, and alignment with your business goals, we provide expert insights and actionable recommendations. Our comprehensive approach ensures you make an informed decision about investing in a new website, ultimately driving growth and success for your business.

Questions About Web Development We Can Help Answer:

  • Do I need a new website?
  • Will a new website make my business more money?
  • Is my current website outdated?
  • Is my website mobile-friendly?
  • Are my competitors’ websites better than mine?
  • Does my website accurately reflect my brand?
  • Is my website optimized for search engines?
  • Are customers complaining about my website’s usability?
  • Can I easily update my website content?
  • Does my website provide a good user experience?
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Responsive Website Design Services

In this age of constant connectivity, Responsive Web Design is key. Our Pittsburgh Web Development and Design team excels in creating websites that adapt seamlessly across devices. Through our WordPress Web Development process, we craft SEO-Friendly Web Designs that not only look great but also perform exceptionally. With our Website Design & Redesign Services, we ensure your brand is always engaging and accessible, delivering a flawless experience to your customers wherever they are, no matter how old your brand or website is.


Software Support and Maintenance

Post-website launch, we offer a 12-month maintenance package that includes content refreshes and other website updates. These updates are key for avoiding security breaches and downtime. Regular maintenance and backups are the ideal insurance policy that can save your business thousands of dollars and headaches.

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Web Design and Development Deliverables

Here’s what you’ll get in your web dev maintenance package.

  • On-site team training seminar on WordPress editor conducted by our Director of Web Development
  • Website Hosting
  • WordPress Core Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Theme Updates
  • Nightly WordPress Backups
  • Monitoring Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Monthly Reporting and Statistics

Custom Web Development Services

Our experienced in-house development team brings design to life through digital experiences. We custom develop each website uniquely as a solution to our clients needs. We build a platform for the future so that as you grow, you have a site that can handle your needs and expand as necessary. While our team is well-versed in all of the current web languages, the vast majority of sites we develop are within the well-supported WordPress content management system. It allows our clients the ability to more easily create, edit, organize and publish content without having to write a single line of HTML code, letting you take the reins when quick changes need to be made without being given the sole responsibility of maintaining the website.

We also offer site management, allowing you to take your focus off the website entirely while we maintain and update as needed. Our dev team is second to none, and are attuned to all things digital. All of our websites are developed with optimal load speed and practical functionality, based on up-to-date best practices in the ever-changing world of the web, with a focus on including mobile responsiveness and mobile experiences. We ensure that your site is always at the forefront of what’s possible in web design, giving the impression of modernity and authority in your industry.

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