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Are Google and Apple’s Upcoming Updates Going to Destroy the Ad Industry?

Jim Foreman | August 7, 2020 |  , , , ,

Big changes in company policies can mean big changes for the businesses that rely on them for their continued operation. Google is constantly shifting the… Read More

are apple and google going to destroy the ad industry

How Important Are Social Media Profiles to SEO Anyway? (Updated 2020)

Social media is about so much more than just attractive pictures and recycled memes — without adequate consideration, social media can either help or hurt… Read More

Social profiles influence SEO DOM

How and Why to Link Google Search Console in Google Ads (Updated August 2020)

Why Should You Link Your Google Ads Account To Google Search Console? Um, because you’ll get more data. DUH! By linking Google Search Console (GSC)… Read More

why you should link your search console to google ads

Making Sense of PPC Metrics – A Guide for CMO’s (updated 2020)

Justin Seibert | August 5, 2020 |  ,

I’ve been involved in PPC a pretty long time – since 2001 and the days of*. Originally I worked in-house and had to be… Read More

PPC Metric Infographic Direct Online Marketing

Location Targeting & Best Practices for Paid Search Advertising

Advertising. It’s all about hitting the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, at the right place. Right? Paid search engines provide… Read More

location targeting best practices for paid search advertising

Our Favorite Chrome Extensions for PPC

Jim Foreman | July 31, 2020 |  ,

We already shared with you a list of our favorite Chrome Extensions for SEO, but we wanted to make sure the other side of the… Read More

our favorite chrome extensions for ppc

Google Discover SEO Optimization (A Complete Marketing Guide) [Updated 2020]

Marketers near and far are asking, what is Google Discover and how can I optimize for it? Google Discover optimization aligns itself with some similar… Read More

Google Discover SEO optimization

This Is Why Your Direct Traffic in Google Analytics Is So High (updated 2020)

DOM Team | July 30, 2020 |  , ,

So, What Is Direct Traffic? Google Analytics displays traffic sources as (direct) when the arrival session data is missing, or when a referring website/source sets… Read More

google analytics direct traffic

Digital Marketing and Privacy Laws: The GDPR and You

Jim Foreman | July 24, 2020 |  , ,

Privacy is more important than ever. Recently, we’ve seen Apple, the world’s largest hardware company, pivot into a leader in online privacy protection. If you’ve… Read More

digital marketing and privacy laws, the GDPR and you

The Simple Guide to Creating Buyer Personas (Updated 2020)

Jump Down to the Free Infographic Buyer beware, or rather, advertiser beware. If you’re an advertiser and aren’t leveraging buyer personas when you create your… Read More

buyer persona guide infographic
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