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Social Media Advertising Services

We’ll define and understand your audience and tailor a strategy to engage with them through effective and efficient social media advertising services. DOM never takes a cut of the ad spend, letting you decide how much you want to spend per advertising platform. We use that same flexibility to enable you to make the best decisions for your business based on your goals–and nobody else’s.

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How Social Media Advertising Can Help Your Business

When you hire DOM for social media advertising, you get a full, well-rounded effort. All plans are customized for your needs. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest & more – if our clients’ audiences are there, we’ll reach them.

And we’re constantly staying on top of trends and new advertising features. As just one example, we had one client advertising on Quora within a week of the platform launching ads (and yes, they can work!).

49% Internet users say they are likely to purchase from brands they see advertised on social media
72% of B2B marketers who use paid marketing channels online use social media as a marketing medium
$262.5B 5 per social media user advertisers spent on average in 2022
$173B projected spending on social media in 2022
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What Can You Expect From Your Free Social Media Audit?

We have a detailed, no-pressure, 7-step process for determining if we’re the right partner for you… and vice versa!

We also provide customized, detailed digital advertising audits to help you understand what potential your business has for growth through the entire playbook of our social media advertising services.

When you request a free digital advertising audit from us, you can expect:

  • Review of your active social media advertising campaigns by a certified digital advertising strategist
  • Actionable feedback on performance issues holding your campaigns back
  • Analysis of your current traffic volume and what opportunities exist
  • Competitor review to see how you stack up against them
  • Identification of growth opportunities to improve in 5 key areas
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Clients Who Trust Us

Timely Performance Reporting

“DOM is very agile and quick to tweak, optimize and pivot as needed. Communications never get muddled and time isn’t lost passing information around.”

Suzanne Ryan
SaaS Marketing Leader star rating

Rapid Results

“They’ve continually impressed me with rapid results and I continue to learn with every interaction with everyone at the company.”

Doug Ribback
Global Demand Gen Leader star rating

Our Process

Full Account Management

We will completely run your social media advertising campaigns, starting with the most appropriate platforms for your audience and setting a tailored strategy. Give us your existing campaigns to makeover, or we can set up brand new accounts.

Ad creation & testing

Once you’ve defined your audience, the next step is to test different messaging to see what resonates the most with them. We will design and write copy as well as develop tests to consistently improve upon past results.

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The Latest Techniques

It’s hard to believe MySpace didn’t exist until 2004 and Facebook only opened up to non-students in 2006. Don’t settle for boosted posts. Each individual platform is constantly evolving, and new ones pop up every month. We’re always testing new offerings in order to bring cutting-edge techniques to our clients before their competitors catch on.

Audience testing

Segmenting and testing audiences is perhaps the most critical – and fun – part of any social media ad campaign. You can leverage more data than you can imagine to reach your ideal client. We’ll help you not only reach them but drive them to action or otherwise engage with them.

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Conversion Centric Social Media Advertising Services

We’ll help you get the absolute most value out of your social ad campaigns through testing offers, audiences, ads, and landing pages that we can build for lead generation campaigns. Don’t settle for average results when there are always new tests to run.

Updates & Reporting

You own and have direct access to any social media advertising account we set up or manage on your behalf, but we don’t leave our communication there. You’ll receive full reporting in easy-to-understand language and transparent reporting of our work on a weekly basis. In addition to scheduled calls, we encourage frequent communication to ensure we’re all on the same page.

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Social Media Advertising FAQs

Social media platforms use advertising in order to generate revenue. Advertising on social media platforms allows businesses to target specific demographics with laser precision, and social media users are generally accustomed to seeing ads while they scroll through their feeds. However, social media advertising can also be very expensive, and it’s important to understand how it works before investing a lot of money into it.

The most popular social media platforms for advertising are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These platforms have billions of users and offer businesses a way to reach out to potential customers who are already engaged in social media. Check out this list from Statista for some of the most recent data on the biggest social media platforms as of 2022.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the success of a social media ad depends on the specific business goals and target audience. However, some best practices for social media advertising include creating targeted campaigns, using high-quality visuals, and offering value to users.

The risks of social media advertising include potential low return on investment, click fraud, and negative user feedback. It’s important to consider these risks before investing heavily in social media advertising.

The benefits of social media advertising include increased brand awareness, higher conversion rates, and more engagement with potential customers. When done correctly, social media advertising can be a very effective way to promote a business.

There is no one social media platform that is best for promoting a business. The best social media platform for promoting a business depends on the specific business goals and target audience. However, some of the most popular social media platforms for businesses include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The first step in social media advertising is to identify your business goals. Once you know what you want to achieve with social media advertising, you can create a targeted campaign that is more likely to be successful.

The best time to post an ad on social media depends on the specific social media platform and the target audience. However, general best practices for social media advertising include posting during peak hours and on days when users are most active.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the process of creating a social media ad depends on the specific social media platform. However, some tips for creating social media ads include using high-quality visuals and choosing an effective call to action.

The cost of social media advertising varies depending on the specific social media platform and the business goals. However, social media advertising can be very expensive, and businesses should be prepared to invest a significant amount of money into it. As always, DOM takes no percentage of social media advertising spend, so you can rest assured that every suggestion we make is in the best interests of you and your business goals.