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B2C and B2B SEO Services

Lacking confidence in your current provider of SEO services? Concerned you don’t have a solid strategy to achieve your traffic and conversion growth goals? No bandwidth internally to get the job done?

If any of these questions keep you up at night - then you’ve come to the right SEO company. Our results-driven approach to SEO services is certified by companies like Semrush, and we have dozens of verified 5-star reviews shouting about our history of repeated, sustained success in improving organic search engine rankings for companies in many industries. As a B2C and B2B SEO agency, we know what it takes to move the needle in your industry, and we’ll provide the strategy and execution it takes to get there.

Ready to partner with a Pittsburgh SEO Company that proves each and every month that the goals you have for your business are possible, no matter whether those goals are hyperlocal or worldwide?

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Customized SEO Strategies (With Data-Driven Results)

Since being founded in 2006, our SEO services team has produced confidence-building SEO results for our clients in nearly every industry on every populated continent. If you have a specific outcome in mind for your SEO services efforts, and know you need a customized plan to achieve your goals, you’ve found the right SEO agency.

We Can Improve Your Search Engine Rankings With Custom Strategies

Every SEO engagement we kick off has a customized strategic plan that we engineer to meet and exceed the results you want to accomplish. We also review our SEO services campaign progress weekly and keep you updated on your traffic, rankings, and site health as frequently as you need. We pride ourselves on flexibility, so if those goals should change, our SEO campaign management team will be able to adjust, keeping your growth agile and tailored to what impacts your bottom line.


SEO Services For All Businesses


Need more leads? Higher quality traffic? Better visibility online? A healthier website so search engines can discover all of your content? No matter your goals, our SEO company has the experience to achieve the outcomes you want.

We also have commitments to providing industry-leading SEO reporting and a company-wide commitment to transparency. When those are combined, you can be confident that our SEO company will share the impact our efforts are having, or the areas for improvement we see to help improve your results.

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What Can You Expect From Your Free SEO Company Audit?

Our Digital Marketing Agency has a no-pressure, 7-step process for determining if we’re the right SEO services partner for you… and vice versa! We also provide customized, detailed SEO audits to help you understand what potential your business has for growth through organic search strategies. Your free SEO audit from our Pittsburgh-based SEO agency team will give you the foundation for a sustainable, profitable growth pattern.

When you request a free SEO audit from us, you can expect:

  • Review of your Google keyword rankings from 1-100
  • Analysis of your current traffic volume and what opportunities exist for you from an SEO perspective
  • Actionable feedback on technical SEO issues holding your site back
  • Competitor review to see how you stack up against them when it comes to SEO
  • Identification of SEO growth opportunities to improve in 5 key areas
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SEO Clients Who Trust Us

Helping Your Team Go Further

“Everyone we’ve worked with at DOM has been incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They felt more like an extension of our team than just another vendor.”

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Web Design & Marketing Services

“One of the key metrics for the site and marketing materials is lead generation, and we’ve definitely seen an increase in leads and new business coming in.”

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Our SEO Experts Can Help Answer Your SEO Questions

At Direct Online Marketing, we can answer any questions you have about whether your website needs SEO or how SEO can help you grow traffic and leads. By evaluating your current SEO strategy, keyword effectiveness, and search engine rankings, we provide expert insights and actionable recommendations. Our tailored approach ensures you understand the potential impact of SEO on your business, helping you make informed decisions to drive growth and increase revenue.

Questions we can help answer about our SEO services:

  • Do I need SEO for my website?
  • Will SEO help my website make more money?
  • How can SEO increase my website traffic?
  • What keywords should I target for better rankings?
  • Is my current SEO strategy effective?
  • How do my search engine rankings compare to my competitors?
  • Can SEO improve my website’s user experience?
  • How long does it take to see results from SEO?
  • What are the latest SEO best practices?
  • How can I measure the success of my SEO efforts?
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Our Status As A Semrush Certified SEO Agency Partner

Feel like you don’t know who to trust to provide you with SEO campaign management services and strategies? Tired of settling for an SEO agency that has good intentions, but consistently comes up short when it comes to hitting your goals?

Since our SEO services program inception, we have been rated as a Semrush Certified Agency Partner. This rating is given to skilled digital marketing agencies & SEO companies who excel at helping their clients grow, and serves as proof of our ability to help your team take a shortcut to better marketing results.

SEO Services You Can Trust

When it comes to SEO services, we find a lot of marketers don’t know who to trust. Let’s face it, our industry is filled with snake oil, as well as SEO companies that have good intentions, but can’t deliver results.

Working with our SEO company is going to be different for your business, whether you need SEO services in Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Digital Marketing Services in Chicago, or anywhere across the globe. We’re ready to prove that to you, each and every month.

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  • Local SEO
  • This hyper-focused approach targets geographically specific searches, ensuring your business appears when local users seek relevant services. Think optimized Google Business Profiles, location-specific keywords, and positive online reviews.

  • International SEO
  • International SEO tailors your website and content to different languages, regions, and search engine algorithms, enabling global visibility. For international clients, we’ve had great success in helping create awareness and a growth in sales for international market entry. For exporters, Ecommerce vendors, higher education and SaaS clients, this can be a revolutionary change for your sales funnel, giving you a wider potential pool of clients or customers.

  • Technical SEO
  • This side of SEO focuses on the website's technical health, ensuring search engines can crawl and index your content efficiently. Think optimized site speed, mobile-friendliness, and structured data implementation, all of which are critical to higher rankings in search engines.

  • On-page SEO
  • This involves optimizing elements within your website itself, including keyword research, meta descriptions, title tags, image alt text, and high-quality content. Oftentimes, we find that our clients don’t understand why their competitors are outranking them on keywords they should absolutely be ranking for. We help you to better understand how the page’s structure, content, and perception by Google can be leveraged for optimal keyword rankings.

  • Off-page SEO
  • This builds your website's authority and credibility through external factors like backlinks from reputable websites, social media engagement, and online mentions. We help you to discover the levers that boost your authority in the eyes of search engines, and give you the tools to continually outperform your competitors both on and off the page.

  • Website Migration Services
  • We have worked to help successfully relocate and transition websites from old domains to new, or to migrate from one CMS to another, with our SEO site migration services out of our Pittsburgh and Wheeling, WV offices. To get website migration services for your business, contact us!

Keywords are one of the essential building blocks for any SEO campaign. We evaluate keywords on select criteria. The first is search volume, which indicates the popularity of a keyword. Next is a set of factors related to how difficult it would be to rank for that keyword. Another is intent, which signifies what a person is looking to get by searching this phrase.

In a perfect world, your businesses' SEO keyword targets will have high search volume, easy to moderate ranking difficulty, and the intent directly relates to your target audience in relative to specific steps throughout the conversion funnel. However, it’s rarely that simple, and you will want to have a wide variety of keyword targets. Part of our SEO campaign management service is continually checking these keywords, helping you decide which keywords are the most impactful for your business' SEO, and helping your clients find you based on the way they search.

Pay-per-click advertising currently has no direct impact on rankings. However, we have seen that PPC campaigns can lead to an increase in overall website traffic to your site, including visits from organic search. Additionally, there are many scenarios where the two can benefit one another in marketing campaigns trying to fully leverage search engine users. While both digital marketing services can help to grow your traffic and conversions, your search engine rankings come about primarily from the content on your website and the way that Google perceives that content.

Maybe…but before you decide, consider these challenges:
  • Search engine algorithms change frequently, and staying ahead of the curve requires constant learning and adaptation. Agencies constantly monitor these changes and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Finding skilled SEO professionals, especially in a competitive market, can be difficult. Retaining them requires competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for growth, adding to the in-house cost.
  • Powerful SEO tools can be expensive, and smaller teams may struggle to justify the investment. Agencies leverage diverse tools and resources, maximizing their optimization efforts.

Typically we find the most success for SEO campaigns with brands that lack the resources internally to accomplish the often tedious, on-going task work required for true SEO success. Saying that, SEO also requires a longer-term commitment and a higher dollar amount of investment in order to see success in comparison to paid search advertising campaigns.

Many of our clients come from the B2B and SaaS sector, but we’ve seen success in most industries on every populated continent. From the University of Pittsburgh in higher education to Netsmart in the realm of healthcare and SaaS, to online furniture retailer Industry West, we’ve accomplished impressive, tangible gains. Learn more about the clients we work with on our digital marketing results and case studies page.

We get it - you want to know how much working with us on SEO is actually going to cost you before you contact us. Unfortunately, we have a really hard time giving you a direct answer to this question because there are a lot of variables to take into consideration, including:
  • The goals of your SEO campaign (high level lead, sales, and traffic goals are different than more sophisticated campaigns targeting specific keywords or middle and bottom of the funnel lead generation)
  • The resources you have available internally to support your SEO efforts
  • The quality of the sites you are going to compete with for page 1 Google results
  • You will come across SEO companies that charge as little as $100 a month for their services, and also find companies that propose $100,000 a month for a wide-reaching project scope. Most of our clients invest around $6,000 a month or more in our SEO services. Campaigns tend to be above that average when we need to make a higher commitment of our technical and content specialists to a campaign, if you have multiple websites that need SEO attention, or a client has international marketing goals in non-English speaking regions of the world. In some cases, they are large franchisees or multi-location businesses or have multiple websites that need to be managed.

    To give you an accurate SEO services proposal to help you hit your goals, please contact us for a no-obligation SEO audit.

No. We can’t and won’t guarantee results with our SEO services, and you shouldn’t trust any SEO experts who do. Too many variables exist, many of which are out of your and our control. However, we’ve been running SEO campaigns successfully for many years and have developed a good sense of where we can be successful. Plus we give you full, transparent reporting so you can see what your dollars are getting in return.

Bottom line: Run far, far away from any provider of digital marketing services or SEO consultant who guarantees results.

Our SEO services team works out of the greater Pittsburgh / Wheeling region. While our SEO team is hybrid-remote, we’re in our Pittsburgh office every Thursday to foster collaboration between team members and departments. While we’re a Pittsburgh SEO agency that loves to work with folks in our own backyard, we’ve got the tools and expertise to help companies from all over the world!

UPDATE: Direct Online Marketing also now covers the following locations across the United States:

  • Chicago Digital Marketing Agency

  • Milwaukee Digital Marketing Agency

  • Las Vegas Digital Marketing Agency

  • Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency

  • Direct Online Marketing also offers international SEO services for clients across the globe, so contact us today!