Our Pittsburgh Google Analytics Services Company (And What You Receive)

We have built our reputation as a reliable provider of Google Analytics services in Pittsburgh for companies who need next-level solutions for their performance tracking challenges. By applying our firsthand knowledge and adopting our best practices, our clients can rely on us to deliver the following:


Configuration (Installation, Setup)

Setting up Google Analytics on one site—let alone across multiple properties—is complex. Our team understands that all of the collected information needs to be easy to retrieve and digest. When DOM takes the helm of your company’s analytics install, you can rest easy knowing attention to detail is of the utmost priority.

DOM will install analytics campaigns based on your company’s goals, both short-term and long-term.


Repair of Poor, Confusing Installs

Time and again, our team has seen the negative impact of shoddy analytics installs. Unfortunately, when companies aren’t advised of best practices, the consequences of such errors can cost you tons of time and effort. Dealing with such issues takes you away from what you want to work on and where you can deliver the most value to your company.

The fact is, analytics services are a complex matter that should be left to the experts. DOM leverages over a decade’s worth of marketing analytics knowledge to ensure that we turn your current poor experience into a fluid display of essential data that helps you make intelligent decisions.


Event & Goal Setting

Tracking specific actions is crucial for justifying any of your marketing dollars and efforts. Conversions are a key performance indicator for your website. Precise goal setting becomes an urgent consideration if there’s any chance your data might be wrong.

Goals could be as straightforward as tracking form submissions, but what about those valuable behaviors other than conversions? In addition to Google Analytics' goal setting, our team will create event tracking specific to the defined actions in your sales funnels.


Ecommerce Tracking

What happens when consumers put your products in their cart but never buy? Wouldn’t you like a more complete picture of which marketing channels result in the most sales?

For eCommerce marketing efforts, positive ROI lives and dies by analytics. Our team will implement and configure conversion tracking in Google Analytics specific to ecommerce retailers to help your company understand who converts and why.


Google Tag Manager

Consistency in analytics code is imperative to a business with multiple domains or subdomains. Functionality, tracking, and design should exist seamlessly across the entire network. Google Tag Manager enables you to make global changes in code across multiple sites, saving you development time and labor. Implementing Google Tag Manager will improve tracking efficiency, ultimately future-proofing your data collection.


Cross-Domain & Subdomain Tracking

Setting up Google Analytics can be an utter nightmare for businesses that manage multiple domains and subdomains. To track users across various properties, special configurations and testing become necessary.

If tracking is not appropriately implemented, site owners can expect inflated data or a general failure to capture precise information about their users. Our team will safely install comprehensive user tracking across a network of web properties.


Troubleshooting of Complex Issues

Getting your data as close to perfect as possible will always be our goal. Part of our process involves investigating all areas where we believe there is room for improvement. And by improvement, we mean getting down in the weeds—no matter how simple or complicated. Once we know why something’s happening, we’ll provide step-by-step recommendations to fix it.

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Marketing Analytics

Make the Most of Your Marketing Analytics Data.

DOM provides marketing analytics services that help increase company profitability through intelligent data consolidation, interpretation, and display. Superior analytics allow company executives to make the best decisions in the shortest amount of time.

Get More From Your Data

Whether you’re struggling to get the highest quality data from your existing marketing analytics or you’re starting fresh, we can help.

Frustrated With Your Marketing Analytics?

  • I’m simply too busy to understand or get a better grasp of analytics.
  • Without comprehensive data analysis, our company can’t scale.
  • I feel like our data collection methods are sub-par.
  • It’s an utter pain tracking users in Google Analytics across multiple web properties.
  • We believe we’re missing data but can’t explain why.
  • I feel like we don’t know our exact sales or conversion metrics.
  • Our company wastes countless hours on regular review and analysis.
  • Our analytics reporting is chaotic and difficult to understand.
  • Everything looks like it’s set up correctly, so why are we still missing data?

If you’ve ever been faced with one of these challenges in Google Analytics (or another platform), take solace in knowing you aren’t alone. Analytics is complex; we’re here to make sense of it for you.

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Why Partner With DOM

When data becomes unmanageable, a company’s growth halts. When data becomes usable, a company generates more income.

Through analytics and data, we learn about customer behavior. This gives your company a distinct advantage in increasing sales. Discover why our clients trust our Google Analytics services in Pittsburgh (and around the globe) to handle their complex needs:

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Superior Client Relationships Since 2006

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Ability to Solve Complex Analytics Issues

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ROI & Growth-Focused Implementation

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Comprehensive Data Interpretation

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Industry-Specific Insights

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Top 200 Global Premier Google Partner

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Dedicated Account Manager & Additional Support

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Increase Ad Campaign Successes

What People Are Saying

Ian Brown testimonial for a Pittsburgh marketing firm

“Working with DOM is like working with colleagues who have our company’s best interest at heart. Our CMO introduced me to them eight years ago, and I have been using them for our digital marketing needs ever since. Their status as a trusted Google-partner is comforting, but we’re loyal to them because the quality of their services is unfailingly effective.”

- Ian Brown, Director of Marketing, Appify
Dan Bernoske testimonial for a Pittsburgh marketing firm

"DOM is a digital marketing firm that consistently delivers quality leads for me and my clients. Their account management team is responsive, they continuously provide insights, and they share innovative new approached to digital marketing. After many years in search of a go-to digital agency, I have found one in DOM. I strongly recommend and promote them to anyone."

- Dan Bernoske, Managing Director, Cortado Group
Shannon Javetz testimonial for a Pittsburgh marketing firm

"No matter what you’re trying to market, DOM will learn about the product so they can provide the best support. Their responsiveness to the adjustments we need helps us better interpret and improve our conversion numbers. They offer suggestions, but they don't come across like pushy sales pitches, which can often happen with other agencies."

- Shannon Javetz, Associate Director of Advertising, SCAD

Google Analytics Services FAQs

You have questions and we have answers. We’ve compiled some of the most common questions we get about our Google Analytics services below. If you don’t find answers to yours, give us a jingle.

I Think Our Google Analytics Implementation is Broken. How Do I Tell? -

From the start, it’s difficult to prescribe a method for determining whether your analytics data is incorrect. It’s always good to compare different data sets whenever possible, especially when you have confidence in one. This can mean looking at a raw data view or, in some cases like eCommerce platforms, comparing to advertising platform data. The numbers usually won’t match up exactly for a variety of reasons, but can get you to a higher degree of confidence when you take into consideration the attribution model and data collection methods. Ultimately, nothing beats a full audit of your analytics implementation; this ensures that analytics is installed cleanly on all pages of your site.

What Analytics Platforms Do You Work With? -

Our team is proficient with most of Google’s suite of products. We have extensive expertise in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio. Many analytics platforms operate similarly, so many companies often find our suite of Google Analytics services can be applied to other platforms. With Google leading as the gold standard for web analytics, we’re confident in our ability to work with a number of other platforms.

Do You Offer Audits for Analytics Implementations? -

Typically, we only offer analytics audits as part of our complete service offering. However, if your company requires just an audit, we’re happy to set up a special arrangement based on your needs. Give us a jingle, and we will see how we can help!

Do You Offer Strategic Guidance on an Ongoing or Project Basis? -

Both. Some clients will use us only for set up or fixes on a project basis.  Others will choose to engage with us for ongoing advice.

Do You Guarantee Results? -

If you ever come across someone who promises you the moon, our advice is to run far, far away. Our team will pour every ounce of effort we can muster into getting results for you, but we never promise them.

Frankly, any provider of Google Analytics services in Pittsburgh (or anywhere, for that matter) shouldn’t be doing this either. But maybe that’s just our opinion.

So while we can’t guarantee results, what we can promise is that we will always hold ourselves accountable to you and maintain complete transparency at every step of the way.

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