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best places to work in pittsburgh - online marketing jobs near pittsburgh area

Find Online Marketing Jobs At One Of
Pittsburgh’s Best Places To Work

You have to work, so do we. Wouldn’t you like to find a career from a selection of online marketing jobs at one of the best places to work in Pittsburgh, PA?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

DOM isn’t trying to sell anyone an unrealistic dream job.  We provide a working environment that’s productive, comfortable, and hopefully, inspiring.

This is why our perfect fit is someone who wants to grow with us. We are always looking for team members who are driven to achieve.

Do your core values include integrity and curiosity? Do you enjoy collaborating with others in an effort to make a positive change?

If so, keep reading; we might be your perfect match!

If you ask any of DOM’s team members what they love most about their working experience, they will likely mention the ‘no jerks policy.’

The policy’s message serves as more than just a handbook guide point. Instead, it helps our team members realize that each of their ideas and thoughts are valuable. DOM’s culture, at its foundation, harnesses innovation through an open line of communication.

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Online Marketing Jobs at one of the best places to work in Pittsburgh PA

Idea Driven Organization
Connecting Team Members To Positive Change

DOM management encourages team members to present their ideas through an organized medium that ensures all ideas are seen, discussed, and potentially set in motion. When a team member contributes thoughts to our Idea Driven Organization (I Do!), DOM’s team of managers discuss the idea with the team member as a default step. This means every idea and thought are considered by the company.

Why consider every team member’s idea?

Because DOM’s Director of Operations, Nikki Powley, believes companies thrive when open environments allow every team member to inspire positive change.

Online Marketing Jobs at one of the best places to work in Wheeling WV

Good Deeds Matter:
A Story About Good Onions

Our company embraces collaboration. We make it a priority that each team member’s exceptional efforts be celebrated. And there’s a humorous history to how we recognize remarkable efforts.

Found In Translation

DOM team members praise each other with a certain phrase during our all-hands meetings. The accolades are often for going above and beyond in helping a co-worker perform fine work for our clients. To recognize someone, we say, “Good on ya.”

After sitting in about a year of these meetings, Adriana Parra González (one of our Digital Advertising Account Managers who hails from Venezuela) asked Justin (our President) for a word.

She asked him what “good onions” were. They shared confusion for a minute until the light bulb flickered on: she had heard “good on yas” as “good onions.”

The team seized on this delightful mishearing and made stress balls shaped like onions, complete with the DOM logo. And so a DOM tradition was enhanced and renewed.

Today, team members present one of these squishy vegetables along with their comments.

Online Marketing Jobs at one of the best places to work in PA

Career Benefits and Perks

All full-time in-office positions receive the following benefits:

  • 401(k) retirement plan with immediate vesting company match
  • Health, dental, vision, and short-term disability insurance
  • Paid time off and holidays
  • Profit-sharing
  • Dual monitors and adjustable standing desk
  • Casual dress code (internal-facing positions)
  • Access to company subscriptions for LinkedIn Learning and Audible

Online Marketing Jobs And Career Opportunities
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Didn’t see your perfect fit listed above?

No problem. We’re always interested in bringing on outstanding team members who can help us grow as a company and produce phenomenal results for our clients.

Typically, we hire for positions related but not limited to:

  • Digital Marketing / Advertising Associates
  • Digital Marketing / Advertising Coordinators
  • Digital Marketing / Advertising Account Managers
  • Digital Marketing Analysts
  • Content Marketing Specialists
  • Client Success Managers

If you don’t see a position suited to your experience, but believe you can help us, send your resume with a note about how you can benefit DOM to

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