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Google Analytics 4 Training - Start Your GA4 Journey July 14, 2022

GA4 is Inevitable… Are You Ready?

Our last webinar was about all things Google Analytics 4, from why you should start using it now (if you aren’t already) to how you can avoid common mistakes, and how much better the change is going to be for you and your data. We know what we’re talking about, and we lined up a panel of experts to share some of their insights.

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DOM is all about communication — helping our clients reach out to their customers, enabling our users to maximize the value of their brands, and helping you find the answers to your questions.

All of the internet marketing resources you see here, and anything posted by DOM, is just the beginning of the conversation. Feel free to drop us a message about any of the topics you see here (and let us know if you want to hear the DOM take on any topic you don’t see).

Take a look at our Past Webinars

Getting SaaS-y With Google

One of the most challenging parts of running a business is generating leads that convert to sales. This is especially true for a market as competitive as SaaS, which is as crowded as it is diverse. This is an industry full of big, entrenched interests, medium-sized businesses with a reliable and growing user base, and, of course, plucky start-ups looking to disrupt. DOM’s Justin Seibert will talk with Google’s David Hinshillwood will show you how to grow demand and increase ARR worldwide, all tailored to SaaS.

Click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

advanced tactics to generate foreign sales online

Advanced Tactics to Generate Foreign Sales Online

It is quite likely that trade shows, conferences, and foreign travel will continue to be disrupted for at least the next several months. This webinar is perfect for exporters who are already attracting interest from overseas and who want to build a successful digital marketing strategy. Brought to you by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission and Direct Online Marketing.

Click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

How to use the web to generate foreign sales

How to Use the Web to Generate Foreign Sales

Whether you’re already selling overseas, or looking for your first export sale, digital marketing can help. Brought to you by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission and Direct Online Marketing, learn how you can leverage Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more to generate more exports. You’ll discover free tools, learn the basics of digital marketing, and find out how to measure your success.

Click here to check it out on-demand.

black friday webinar

What happens when Black Friday goes away?

Black Friday isn’t going to look the same this year. Especially in brick-and-mortar stores. Covered topics in these internet marketing resources include setting up your retargeting campaigns for success, optimizing product and category pages at scale, and enticing people to buy with promotions.

Watch the webinar on-demand to get our expertise on how to make the most of your digital marketing efforts and prepare your online store.

webinar - should you hire an agency or do your digital marketing in-house

What Approach is Best for Your Company?

Should You Go DIY or Hire an Agency for your digital marketing? This webinar from Direct Online Marketing, where we answered the question we get a lot: can I accomplish my online marketing goals with the resources I already have or should I reach out for help? This was an interactive event with lots of time for you to ask us anything.

No worries, you are still on time. Fill out the form to watch the webinar on-demand here.

Marketing In Times Of Crisis: Digital Marketing Advice From Justin Seibert

Is Now The Time For You To Reinvent Your Digital Marketing?

Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to right-size your budgets. Or cut channels altogether. Or take efforts previously left to an agency in-house.

Wherever you are in the evaluation stage of your digital marketing, you can benefit from our webinar to help you re-think and re-invigorate your current efforts. Fill out the form to watch the webinar on-demand here.

Looking For Internet Marketing Resources That Aren’t Webinars?

direct online marketing resources - case studies direct online marketing resources - blog posts Direct Online Marketing Resources - Whitepapers

direct online marketing resources - FAQs

direct online marketing resources - crisis guide

direct online marketing resources - glossary

DOM DIY Vlogs: Internet Marketing Resources With Actionable Insights

Here at DOM, we want to help you be a better digital marketer. It’s in everybody’s best interests for best practices to be practiced by as many people as possible — it makes the internet better, it makes our searches better, and it makes it easier for everyone to find what we’re looking for.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments about what you see. Sometimes we don’t know what you want to ask us about until, well, you ask us!

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Infographics: Internet Marketing Resources That Provide Assistance (Visually)

A Crisis Response Guide

In order to make decisions in difficult times, such as when you are creating a crisis response program, it is important to eliminate variables and get at the root of the problem. You can get clarity by removing all questions and making sound, emotional decisions that will provide long-term benefits. This infographic contains five scenarios that may arise when creating a crisis response plan. Depending on your classification, you’ll find tips and the best digital marketing and advertising strategies that make sense for you.

The CMO’s PPC Cheat Sheet

Interpreting PPC stats and how they impact your business can be overwhelming. That’s why we came up with this cheat sheet to be your guide for quickly judging your PPC campaigns. For instance, ROAS is essential for ecommerce. You will need to calculate the after-sales close or define the average lead value if you are running lead gen campaigns. You’re wasting your money if you don’t get a good return for your advertising spend. Get the full infographic at the link.

The CMO’s SEO Cheat Sheet

Website performance can be measured in many different ways making it difficult for SEO professionals to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts. These 7 metrics will help you to focus and avoid feeling overwhelmed. For instance, when visitors engage with your website, organic sessions start. They end after 30 minutes of inactivity or when they leave. Although this number is a good indicator of SEO performance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more conversions. Learn more at the link.

The SEO Site Migration Checklist

This checklist can be used as a guideline to help you prepare for the inevitable traffic fluctuations and rankings changes that will occur when your site is changed. If you fail to plan, you are planning for failure. Some sites lose up to 30% of their traffic if they don’t plan in advance. You can lose your rankings if you wait too long. This can lead to permanent losses that can be impossible to overcome if you start over with SEO.

Events and Appearances Where DOM Has Been Found In The Past

As areas of the world find themselves back to normal, or whatever the new normal looks like, you’ll find us spreading our message, making connections, and sharing the good news of great digital marketing. We’ll let you know when you can meet us in the real world right here. Want to bring world-class digital marketing speakers to your next event? Or looking for a customized training program for your team or members? Or need a lecture based on real-world experience for your university class? We have a decade of experience delivering digital marketing content to audiences in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

Take Advantage of Digital Marketing in Bolivia (During the Pandemic)

How can Bolivian companies take advantage of digital marketing during the Covid-19 pandemic? Whether you’re asking for a business review or if you are running new LinkedIn ad targets, there are plenty of ways to continue your digital marketing strategies.

Justin Siebert joins Jeremy Slezak from the United States Embassy in Bolivia discuss the effects of the pandemic on digital marketing in Bolivia and how it is a great time to optimize your digital marketing! Watch the full webinar here.

Digital Communications During COVID-19

PRSA is the world’s largest communications association with over 30,000 members. They put together a three-part webinar series about how to handle communications in the wake of COVID-19, free to all, including non-members.

Justin was asked if he would be interested in leading a session on Digital Communications During COVID-19. Lisa Arledge Powell of MediaSource shared her best practices for how to navigate the quickly evolving news media during the crisis.

Over 1,500 people joined us for this webinar. You can now listen to this internet marketing resource live here.

Updating Your Digital Marketing Strategy in Uncertain Times

Justin was recently asked by the Pittsburgh Technology Council to present a session designed to give specific tips and insights to help maintain and build strong connections with a target audience during the COVID-19 crisis.

Topics covered in these internet marketing resources include:

  • How to select the best tactics for your goals
  • Tips for creating content
  • How Google’s formula works
  • Customizing digital advertising campaigns that work
  • What metrics you need to really know
  • What is important for SEO in 2020 and beyond
  • Q&A to drive home the above information

Watch the entire talk at the Pittsburgh Technology Council YouTube page.

Podcast Appearances

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